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The Anger of Animation 2

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Inspired by Animator vs. Animation. This animation tries to take over the computer but of course the user isn't going to let that happen. I decided to make a sequel because people seemed to like my first one. Enjoy!

Kobra Editing


Nicely done, but

it was not so much inspired by Animator Versus Animation as it was taken from Animator Versus Animation. It had the exact same concept and the exact same thing happened. The animator makes an animation, the animation goes crazy, the animator has trouble getting rid of it and eventually does. I'm sorry but I'm just not too excited to see the same thing over and over again. Especially when it's repeated and given a different name.

yeah same as cakeman

just kept doin the kobra thing

cobra0528 responds:

Why are you people so dumb? Right click > play if that ever happens. Seriously...look at how many other people it worked for.

This was very stupid...

The animating was ok... but it didn't seem very well thought out. Even though you say it is inspired by Animator vs. Animation it is nothing like it... You even stole one of the things that happened in the second Animator vs. Animation. Just a horrible submission...

cobra0528 responds:

OH MY GOD!!!...one thing!...Ahhhhh...tragic...I don't like your submissions either

wow. that was totally ripped.

that was the biggest animator vs. animation ripoff i have ever seen. it kind of ruins it for the viewer if it is not an original idea.

the only part i liked was when he as walking through flash submission hell. that was mildly entertaining


rip off of animator vs animation

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4.22 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2008
6:00 PM EDT