WeRBopBop #9

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Thanks for the front page Tom and Wade!!!!!!!!!!

In this exciting episode the BopBops get Dick Rolled and the most annoying song ever created gets ripped a new one.

Thanks for watching, Newgrounds!

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I thought I had already reviewed this? Well, if not that, then favorited it. This must have been the first episode I saw. It was great to be introduced to this gorgeous animation and fast paced jokes. Of course, it crosses the line...twice. It's great to see everything escalate, especially when it features Rick Astley himself!

I've only been Rickrolled twice. That's probably died off by now. It's even great to see all the characters gathered like this. Dickrolled? What an obvious joke!

Teens React To: Memes! This Episode: Rick Rolls!

great job

why cant all series be this politically incorrect.

Crazy rick rollin

This was another one insane flash short from you,the concept of it being about the rick roll was quite humorous especially the way everyone reacted getting rick rolled especially Disco Cool,overall i got lots of good laughs from this and enjoyed it very much.

The Ultimate Plan

yes we must kill the soruce of it all

Next target Boy george