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Shattered Heaven Ending 1

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Been a while haha. I guess one could say I'm stalling with the first episode...but I'm not trust me. Life got so busy the past few months and unfortunately I've dealt with some tragedies...but that's neither here nor there.

So I needed to take a break in the animation of the first episode, it's pretty much done, just cleaning up audio and trying to reduce the shit out of it so I can put it up here. So I animated the first season ending.

The song "Spinel" is being covered by my friend Lira Tao and I personally think she did an awesome job.

The animation is that of a typical anime ending, subtle and not tremendous. But I've been getting the hang of Flash lately and have been finding it easier to draw straight in there,

This is not a trailer, it's merely an anime ending. I hope to get the actually episode up soon. Otherwise if interested please check out www.azure-productions.com for more info and such.

Hopefully some of you enjoy and hopefully I don't offend with my awful Flash skills.

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This was nice

I wouldn't be expecting much from something that was nothing more than an ending, but this was pretty nice. It's obvious you were trying to put in a really light-toned style with all these characters. I'm glad there's so many people helping you on the voicework. I imagine this is going to be a nice slice of life story about a bunch of teenagers. The music is pleasant and it was nice to include the Japanese and English lyrics. I would like to see a story go into this as it has real potential.

Gundam Seed = Shattered Heaven

here take an 8/10


I liked this. I like how the drawings lookd for this flash, and the music fit very well with what was going on. Good animation.


Fantastic! Your art's improving, and really, I can't wait for the rest of this project. And thank you all for the kind comments about my singing!

AdamTilford responds:

Oh snaps lol...I didn't realize you had a NG...looks like I'll be linking you from the bio info hahaha.

Yeah, I'm figuring out how to make Flash art not look like shit haha, besides, I had to step it up to go along with your singing. :P


good song choice i felt like i was listening to a real japanese anime opening like naruto or one piece bravo 5/5 ,10/10

AdamTilford responds:

Glad to hear that! I was trying to simulate that as much as possible. Unfortunately the full episodes on NG will not have the OP and ED in them. That's why I posted them separately. But the higher quality versions that will be on my production site will have them all to simulate the typical anime episode.

Phew, I've come a long way from writing the books haha...speaking of which...I need to get on that.

Thanks again!