Spectrum Genesis

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Bounce and switch from dot to dot to reach the end of each level. Along the way are enemies and various puzzles and challenges. Use strategy and wit and you will (most likely) succeed. For an added challenge you can try to collect every dot... not required but definitely a challenge!

Inspired by a Mac System 7 game called "Spin Doctor" made in the early 90's, which was a major influence in my life as a game developer :).

Developed by Armor Games, Programmed by jmtb02
Music by Gillenium and SBB

* Hold A to switch, hold S to bounce, press Space Bar to change direction
* You game will autosave between each level
* You can revisit levels once you beat them
* I made a mute button in case you have no taste in music

Edits: Level 9 fixed. Thanks Coaly.


Loved it!

It has been ages since I've been that addicted to a game! Well done, it's brilliant!


great game guys. i loved the colors.


great game.......so frickin hard though

Nice to match some work with the name

I'm always in the forums, and always see or hear about you but this is the first time I've actually really seen a piece of your work. I'm very satisfied and as a programmer myself really appreciate the main game, as well as all the tiny animated and non animated features that went into this, shows that you really put effort into making this a great game. I myself am working on a action/puzzle game right now and although there very different in gameplay I like to see this as it inspires me to complete mine with a high level of quality.

Overall, very polished game with a ton of eye candy and solid gameplay. Keep it up.

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awsome loved it

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4.07 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2008
2:57 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other