Dimwits of the Caribbean

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The Loader is a little messed up, when you hit play, you might need to wait a few seconds.

A quick "musical" I made when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I have now enhanced it to add better graphics, more of a 'story' and much more!

the original was cut in half, about half of the movie was zooming into a boat. It was very lame, but I stuck with the idea and have brought it far in the past week.

I hope you all enjoy this quick film


Please review this, I would love comments, suggestions and anything else you guys have to offer!



Funny, very good for when you were 10. But the best part in my mind was the song at the end. ; )

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Mattster responds:

Lol. I just had to add that there ;)
Yo Ho Yo Ho.. :P


I really liked the menu, the animation was nice, and the plot is quite funny!
I see serious potentiel!

Work a bit more on the animation, try to make it smoother, a little more story and voice acting is always a reciept for success!
A nice flash overall!


Mattster responds:

Why thank you! This is fairly old, before I knew about fps etc. I might redo it some time in 24fps not 12 lol. Voice acting is something I've never tried, however I have many voices :P
Thanks for the great review!


You did this when you were 10?! I was too busy riding my bike when I was 10. That was a really good piece of work. Keep doing what you are doing. You have a gift.

Mattster responds:

thanks :)

Pretty Good

Lol at the end
random but good.

I entered you in the scavenger hunt too

Mattster responds:

Umm. . .Thanks?

Nice Matt

Nice Matt,
So very better than what it was before, awesome... I just can't wait till your next animation, should be so much better, shouldn't it? :D, awesome...

Mattster responds:

Thanks Ben!

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4.33 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2008
8:29 AM EDT