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Dimwits of the Caribbean

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The Loader is a little messed up, when you hit play, you might need to wait a few seconds.

A quick "musical" I made when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I have now enhanced it to add better graphics, more of a 'story' and much more!

the original was cut in half, about half of the movie was zooming into a boat. It was very lame, but I stuck with the idea and have brought it far in the past week.

I hope you all enjoy this quick film


Please review this, I would love comments, suggestions and anything else you guys have to offer!

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This was pretty nice

I was very much impressed by the animation in this, especially with the giant squid. I thought it was funny how the simplicity of the pirates' design contrasted with the squid's. It was an unexpected ending, as they easily lost and got blown up. I guess that was the only punchline as it didn't seem to have much else in terms of humor. This works fine as being a combination of humor and action. I also like how the mouse clicker is turned into a pirate sword and the music at the end.

Mattster responds:

Thanks for your review/points! Glad you liked it :) Im planning on remaking this. . . some day, I made this 2 years ago, and I have really improved since then, stay tuned :)


I really liked the menu, the animation was nice, and the plot is quite funny!
I see serious potentiel!

Work a bit more on the animation, try to make it smoother, a little more story and voice acting is always a reciept for success!
A nice flash overall!


Mattster responds:

Why thank you! This is fairly old, before I knew about fps etc. I might redo it some time in 24fps not 12 lol. Voice acting is something I've never tried, however I have many voices :P
Thanks for the great review!

Nice Job!

Good to se suck talented members from our crew

Mattster responds:

I'm sure you mean such not suck :P

Pretty Good

Lol at the end
random but good.

I entered you in the scavenger hunt too

Mattster responds:

Umm. . .Thanks?