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Behind the flash

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Note: This video is running at 46.0 fps.
Hi all, I know some of you don't like unfinished work, but i want to give you a behind the flash look on the making of what's to come in my next Night Crawlers project. You can find my first video in my submission list. This is not a trailer; this is just to show you the illustration work and frame by frame work in flash that I'm putting into the next video. The first one had a bit of frame by frame motion and the rest was just body part movements. This time I working with my own animation layout sheet for each character and it'll become useful for future projects. I know my sprite animations of Ryu VS Ken and The Prince of Pain weren't all that great, but I'll be able to work better with my own characters. So I hope this video will inspire some of you to keep on creating those awesome movies for NewGrounds and for your personal use. Enjoy!

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i always wanted to see how people make flash and stuff like that. it looks like it would be way harder to get done that i thought


eh i cant stand giving people low ratings for there hard work soo yea ill give ya 8. ( o im just saying things cuz i cant make flash) lol so 10 IT ROCKS


well very helpful thanks. cool cartoon too.

MysticSkillz responds:

Your welcome and thanks for the comment.


im starting learning flash, and I just wanna say: ¡¡¡this is so helpfull!!!

MysticSkillz responds:

Your welcome, yeah Illustrator is very useful for vector art and animation.


kudos on mastering the dreadfull art of using illustrator! lol (if you ask me Corel Draw is Easier) but you given me a more effecent way of making sprites! And I never knew you could just import for illustrator. (i draw in corel, convert to illustrator and copy paste into flash) huh, im feeling kinda stupid now............. Great job.....What you making? a game or a movie.

MysticSkillz responds:

Movie now, game later.