SC Guitar Maniac Dx 3

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You know the drill. Hit the keys in time with the music.

Your progress will automatically be stored on your computer.


Right before my exams... oh noes! XD

This game is harder and longer... which is good for those "hardcore" gamers, and I consider myself above average at these rhythm games.

However, I introduced this game to my friend and I can say that this drives away casual gamers. I get your idea of "Play the 2nd one first" as you have the option in your menu but it's next to impossible for someone to go straight to the 3rd game.

I also have another slight complaint, I know that Edwyn Tiong is an amazing voice actor. However, he does not have the same "punchiness" as the voice from the 2nd game. I found myself having to turn off his voice as it's actually offputting (especially of his really depressing tone of "Weeeeak!").

It's also very nice that you've allowed an downloadable version, it assures to me that I won't lose my save file =)

Having the stickman play when you hit notes is a great feature and having other awards (Butterfingers and minimalist (sp?)) also adds spice to the game.

Just another little itty bitty complaint, some of the songs just a little bit louder than others. It's me being a bit picky, but I don't really like adjusting the volume on my speakers alot.

Other ideas that you could do if you wanted to make a 4th game:

-Allow f1,f2,f3,f4 buttons... I'm a young person and my hands are small XD So I can't hold my keyboard like an guitar as displayed in the game
-Do NOT put any backgrounds behind the stickman ever. The purpose of the game is to run smoothly so any more effects would slow down the game.
-Add a career mode... or something of the like. Although there is a HUGE danger of more NewGrounders yelling something along the lines of: "OMFG GUITAR HERO BLAH BLAH BLAH LAWLZ"
-Add a 2 player duet/battle mode. Have the "hit zone" in the middle, and the buttons to press coming from the left for player 1 and from the right for player 2. Do not have both players playing at the same time as some peoples keyboards can't handle more than 3 keys at the same time.
-Have some easter eggs, have some fun of your own! =) Add your own "touch" to the game to make your game "Your game"

This is an amazing game and the first part seems negative but I only wanted to provide critique. Apoligies if it just seems like I'm nit-picking. Thanks for the game =D

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this game is great and a huge kick in the balls to the other guitar hero clones on newgrounds. oh, and tipek, to get the "mimalist" award, dont hit a single note in a song. to get the "butterfingers" award, make 1000 mistakes in a single song.

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My opinions

My opinions on this game:
Easy Songs: In Your Eyes, Chaos Within, Instrumental Song, Nobody Else, All Day Comfort, The Fade, Speedfreak, Mars bars and Mentos, Plan A, and Asshole!.
Harder Songs: Lick Up The Honey, Train Wreck, SWiTcH vs. Evil-dog, Betrayal of Fate.
Strange Bugs: - In Train Wreck, I can hit pretty much most notes, except FDRight and FDUp notes.

an amazing sequel ;D

i can't find the first of the three anywhere online though roflll... anywho, this one takes the caake. i still haven't beaten all the songs perfectly, but i'm close, after, what, 10 hours of hard labor? Lol... I think one spot of criticism is where the guitar menu has words such as "butter fingers" and "minimalist" to unlock the guitars, but i had no idea what they were! so if you could next time put a little clue type thing or info box on how to accomplish those achievments, it'd be great! :D

SC Guitar Maniac Dx 3: 10/10

This is my new favorite game on Newgrounds! I remember when you came out with the second one and I had a lot of fun with that one, but this one is perfection. There is no room for improvement any longer, this is as good as it gets. I have no complaints! Everything, from the options to the guitars to the effects and music is splendid. The slowdown problems that plagued me in the last installment are gone. Now go out and treat yourself to a meal at a fancy restaurant, or order a pizza or something, you've earned it. Excellent work!

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Apr 17, 2008
11:55 AM EDT
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