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Jungle Hunt TD

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Author Comments

Try to protect the indian village from the wild animals,
50 waves, 3 difficulty modes, and a giant mamooth boss to defeat at the end!

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Rumble in the jungle

Here is yet another great defense game that works so well because it starts off so simple. I seriously thought that this might have been a more standard action/adventure game at the beginning. Even on the first level, there are probably literally dozens of enemies to fight! You really give a lot of room to go around and build a defense. The fighters themselves are cute with their little arms that use weapons. For a defense game (which obviously heavily relies on fighting) it was really darn cute.

It's like Warcraft!

It's my first time to play it and I got addicted to it. I will definitely play this game, unlike Warcraft, this one is lighter i can still do other things in the internet while playing this and it's fun. Just like the cool games I'm playing at YourKidsClub site.

issues with gold(if anyone beats this game pm me)

the game is really good you have a lot of towers which varys for many strategys but there are a few things that need to be changed up
for one aquiring enough gold to set up a decent defence, now one can set up the gold towers............which are actuly kinda useless they only work when the enemy is attacking well fine that can be delt with but they cost themselves 100 not to meantion there is no way that at the rate they generate gold that its worth it at all also i dont seem to notice any difference in the land plots so long as there is a number in your help guide it says it should generate rapidly which 1 a second to me isnt rapid maybe im missing something and something needs to be upgraded but to a casual eye it just seems like a waste of time trying to make them.
I find the meat needed for attack approach interesting and new however when your defenders(any of the tube attackers) are not accurate and waste shots MISSING the target when they arnt moving that fast to begin with well you end up with a lot of wasted meat and shots where its a REALLY good thing to have that 100 health buffer makes it impossibly harder tho when they start dealing more then 1 damage and it sucks even more when you have to pay 100 meat just to get a single life its a slap in the face back to the money issue
you spend so much just to keep the buggers from getting your life then you dont have enough money to get better units you just cant set things stable not to meantion i really think upgrading units is just a waste of time and money their aim radius increases by like a centemeter which means nothing and after upgrading a unit about 3 times and seeing no additional effect in effectiveness i scraped that stratagey i didnt even look at the damage it seems like it doesnt matter most the time it comes down to just the luck of the hit either your hitting it for full damage or missing or hitting for nothing i think one thing all game makers should do is test there game or have someone do it for them if the game maker cant beat the game something MUST be changed either that or the maker needs to go back to gaming a little more either way(btw this isnt a reflection on you) I still think the main issue with this game is how things are overly wasted gold wasted on upgrading and reasearching the ground(which is really time and money consuming takes about 300 gold to check the entire map) the gold and meat towers which do not supply enough of either. Also on researching other forms of defense there is pretty much NO way and i mean NOOOOOOOO way to unlock the coconut tower youll be too busy trying to keep your defenses up to date and streched out enough to be effective(btw again resale value for things is crappy as hell so its not even worth selling them) this is a good game but like all games this has its exstreme problems(this kinda reminds me of that ant defense game where you have to defend your cake with billions of types of towers but in the end its kind just all ineffective at one point and no matter what your going to lose)anyway to bring this to a end my main issue is the gold you cant get enough of it the way your given and if anyone beats this game talk to me id like to know the stragey you used because i exuasted my usal td strageys and nothing worked but one last word for the maker maybe tweek a few things take sugestions from everyone seriously(unless they are just being asses) take note of the most pressed problems the most people are anoyed with *cough*gold*cough cough* just do what you can youve done a good job just improve

Great game with a few bugs

you get a 10 i loved the resource factor, the difficulty, the hit and miss factor really added to tower placement and strategy. also research for mining/farming also added to strategy. heres some advice dont listen to retarded 12 year olds about your game because the wouldnt know a good difficult complex game if you beat them to death with it. the gameplay was perfect and everyone whos not a little kid or a girl knows it thats why the score is so high. there are 2 primary REAL bugs first one. sometimes after i restart the level when the first wave appears they walk on the rocks to the left of the path. its a weird glitch that causes them to walk off path. 2ND this is the worst one sometimes theres a glitch in the game which causes certain plots of green grass to not be able to have towers, indians, researchers, anything put on them. and it mostlly seems to happen on the right side of the map near the village and the trails above the village. one more thing i like how the 3 2 1 ground values randomlly appear but very rarely the map will only spawn one 3. wait theres one more extremely rarely units will disappear after i scroll example i place units on the far left side scrolls to the right and when i scroll back their gone.

the game play and difficulty is perfect like i said before dont change anything because little kids will always complain about something. its to hard, its to boring, its to gay, etc etc for infinity so dont change your game just cause of them .sorry for grammar and spelling errors all glitches and bugs were found on the hard difficulty setting. keep up the good work im a big player of td games and this one is truly unique good job. respond please so i know you read this and wont have to pm you bugs.

Good Concept

It looks good, sounds good, but has one killer flaw -- your towers won't hit enemies unless they're at a perfect angle. Combined with an AI that only wants to target enemies not at that angle this makes the game unplayable after the third air or so. Nothing is more frustrating than a tower defense where your towers can't defend!

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2008
5:33 AM EDT