Mouse Under Siege

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Author Comments

Time to give the mouse genre a kick in the ass. You think you're good at avoiding with your mouse? well you've never had an entire army attack your mouse before have you.

Avoid the bullets and missiles as long as you can and submit your high scores to compete for longest time :)

Music -
MaestroRage - Newgrounds Blood
thecomposerguy - Prelude to War


i like it

it is fun good job


Its really really slow. which makes it really really easy. It needs to be a lot faster. I would give it a higher rating if it had more of a challenge.

112 seconds

good but kinda easy to stay alive once u find the trick to it....anyone else find it?

78 seconds

Pretty good, not very original though. (Just a mouse avoider...) But still pretty addicting.

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this is an alright game i can say, has some originality to it which was good. All of the people who were complaining it was too hard here is a tip:
Once there is a tank, a good amount of stick men and the missile that follows you, the best thing to do is to camp at either the bottom left or right of the map, preferably the left. By doing this none of the stick men can shoot you (Make sure u kill any more that come along by clicking them in the head) and all you have to avoid is the tank/s and that missile, and maybe the helicopter if it comes too low or a bomb dropped from the jet. I survived about 149 seconds easily using this method.

I could of survived longer if it wasn't for the amount of lag that can happen when going for awhile, since my internet ain't so good.

The game is good as itself, if only Eggy supplied a proper guide on how to kill most of the stuff, that would be nice. I know how to kill the parachuter's, just move you mouse over the chute, and any flying thing, the jet and heli, just hold your mouse on it till it explodes.

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Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2008
4:42 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid