The Prince of Pain

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Hi all, this is my second sprite animation, this time I'm using Mortal Kombat sprites. The reason for this film is I want to show you an event that took place back in the day when Mortal Kombat first came out. The animation is ok and I did not add a timer or score, so you can knock me for that if you want. I just want to get the point across. If what you are about to see happen to you, feel free to tell your story. Some effects may be off cause I couldn't find the sprite, but I manage to do what I can. Enjoy!


lu kang

I liked lui kang with all black, Fight!

not bad for a second try

aw, man. i was thinking you were going to make the mk theme start playing, then have kang get a double flawless or something.
the animation was good except the sprites seemed to stay in one place then shoot across the screen all of the sudden. the basic storyline was good because i'm sure alot of ppl can relate to it. the sound was pretty good too, it was very crisp and clear. overall it's a good second attempt, you just need to make the movement a little bit smoother.

MysticSkillz responds:

Thanks, I'll work on that.

put my name in there rolf

but not bad tho nice job i wounder why you put my name in there but that alright lol but nice job suck fore lu tho getting his ass kicked lol

MysticSkillz responds:

Put your name in? Don't know what you mean, but thanks for the comment.

Not bad, but could use some work

It was a good movie, I think all mortal kombat fans feel your pain.

There is only one problem I had with the movie. It was when Liu Kang attacked Goro. The attacks would go behind goro. You could of fixed this by bringing Liu Kang up when he needed to be or use layers.

Other then that, I thought it was good :).

Could be better

I really didn't find this entertaining. The same thing happens to everyone and from your animation it doesn't look like anything odd happened.
Also, the animation could be a little smoother. The characters appeared to moving a bit slow compared to what how they normally move and just some of the movements, even though you used sprites, looked a bit awkward.
Also, you just cut out the first two fights. For the first two rounds there is a lot you could have done there to make this animation more entertaining.

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2.96 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2008
12:33 AM EDT
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