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ok i have to admit the first episode kinda sucked but part 2 is here to break barriers. Enjoy. Ehols

Sorry bout the sounds for i never had more time to tweak it; but its not that bad.

RUNTIME: 14 Minutes

You WILL experience a sound delay of 0.5-1.0 seconds without an 8 or 9 series Geforce card. LOL


Wow frontpage!
This SWF IS underdeveloped in terms of SFX but I'll try my best to do a director's cut(shorter w/ more sounds).

BTW can sum1 help me wer to find a good SFX library?



And shows lots of promise, as a series goes. Nice.

A lot of potential.

Though I have to admit, this submission is very good, there are some flaws which destroy lot of potential behind this great stuff.
I don't write reviews very often, but in this case I thought it would be useful to note some things which catched my eye.

First : The cuts are quite unnatural. Try adding some flow, faster scene changes going hand in hand. At the moment the whole movie loses a lot of correlation because of that.

Then there is also some problem with the animation. Often they're also quite unnatural, don't know, maybe this was your intent. In case it wasn't, try making them more fluid, so they make the impression of fitting in. You can see very often the mechanisms behind the animations, the separate shapes, it simply doesn't act like a movie as a whole. To describe it in a word : It's some kind of deadpan.

Also there is a lack of really good effects, for example some good fire. While you really do things like DOF and fast cameradrives through the landscape very well, things like explosions look quite "flash"y. I know, Flash isn't designed for that kind of effects, still I thought maybe this would be useful to you, so I mentioned it.

And finally the music. Same goes here. The cuts are quite spontaneous, and don't go well with the movie itself. Try to chose the music, so that movement on the screen fits with the musical background. Also i kinda disliked the musicchoice itself, it didn't really point out the plot, it was rather random imho.

To sum it up : This submission was really great, but it lacks the finishing touches. It doesn't make an consistent impression. Keep up this nice work, and try to do it better :)

4/5, 8/10

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Mixed feelings.

I can't say that it was good or that it was bad. There was a very strange mix of an interesting style and poor animation. Sometimes the characters moved fluently and other times it was very uneven (i.e. lip syncing). The voice acting and music were great (even if some of the music wasn't original) but there were moments of silence where there should have been sound. Like when the swords clashed or when there was an explosion, there should have been some sort of SFX there. Now about the story, it seems to me to be very drawn out and this series could last a long while. But you need to present your story in a way that's more engaging. Most of it is told through a flashback through a voice over, so it's more like being told about the story than actually watching it happen. It was also a bit confusing, but I haven't seen the first episode so that could be partly to blame. I think this has a lot of potential, but you need to try harder to bring this story to life.

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amazing graphics! =D

i thought the animation was WONDERFUL
there were sooooo many colors- i had a really hard time paying attention to what was happening.

p.s. that spinning cliff scene at the beginning could have gone really wrong. but you pulled it off nicely =)


i didn't really like it but u did do a good job on it tho

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3.84 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2008
7:15 PM EDT