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It's finally done! Although I shouldn't really say "finally" I started working on it last Friday. I was just so excited about this project that I pumped it out really fast.

For anyone who doesn't know me, I'm a computer programmer. It's kinda my thing. I've always been found actionscript amusing and I started thinking of the kinds of games I could make. And well, being the big guitar hero fan that I am, I thought, 'hey, I could make a game like that!' I went to explore the games that were already out in the genre and I noticed one very unfortunate trait across the board: They all lag significantly. And when a game like that lags, the rhythm gets off and the game is painful to play. Well, why did those games lag so badly? Inefficient coding of coarse! So I started to wrap my brain around the idea and I came up with an engine that was approximately 100 lines of code and still work for the engine. What I ended up with was this and the lag time was SIGNIFICANTLY lower than anything I've ever seen. I was so excited that I made up a song for it really quick and this is it. The first demonstration of the game engine.

I chose Lisa Germano because I thought this song would be pretty easy to play. It was only after I finished it that I realized it was a bit challenging. Oh well. Live and learn, right? Now, there is still going to be a minimal amount of lag depending on if you have a slow computer or not (my laptop lags a bit but my desktop is fine) and so I've been working on a lag-calibrator so you can adjust the game to compensate for your computer's lag. But that's a project for another day! Today is the day for beta testing!

If this testing goes well, I'll make full games with multiple songs, unlockable tracks and voting to see what songs will be featured in future games.

Now before you give me all your feedback, I would like to say something: I am not a designer. I know the interface isn't all that pretty. Ideally, I hope to get a designer some day to make the interface look really cool but hey, I couldn't wait to get this one out.

With that said, what do you guys think!? I honestly can't wait to hear back from everyone!


I scored 29,400 on a first attempt... I guess that probably puts me in the middle. The game is decent but I got really sick of pressing LL over and over, and honestly the stepchart just didn't seem very inspired to me, not to mention the song was too long. I'd have liked some kind of indicator showing when I hit a note, possibly how many notes I'd gotten in a row, and a playhead to show how close I was to finishing the song.

Worst of all was just that it's incredibly awkward to hold those five buttons. Eventually I got things to work well enough for me by using three fingers from one hand and two from the other.

Honestly this just needs lots of polish. And while the game didn't lag, I feel like it was still off sync by a bit; I found myself using visual clues more than the music. You should put something on screen that pulses to the beat like in DDR.

lol my comp laggs to hell so i had -3550 points but the song was great and it was fun :D

Lets retry this Shas

1. I cannot reach the keys or figure out how to hold it (-4 stars)
2. It doesn't react at all to the keys (-5 stars)
3. The only good thing about this game is the sound quality! (+1 star)

total score = 1 star

lol what? cannot reach keys or figure out how to hold it?! are you picking your keyboard up not all guitar hero games are made for that.

It does react i got a score of 30250

at least you gave it sound quality ratings, I really enjoyed the song anyway i don't know hwo your having these problems it was a great game.


T_T i suck at this...

it's nice

i like it.. even though, it took alot of points off.. for not reacting at some parts.. but all around okay... BTW: what's the name of the song? o3o ...

I like all of your work XD... even though im a girl haa

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2.87 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2008
4:22 PM EDT
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