Vanquish those Viruses

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A re-make of one of the classic staples of video gaming. Help defeat the viruses in the poor Woogi's body by stacking pills of the correct color in columns or rows of 4! Rack up your score with combos! Made for the Nutrition building in Woogi World!

Game Instructions:
Use the arrow keys to move the pills, "a" and "s" rotate the pills in different directions. Press down to drop a pill. Stack pills in rows or columns of 4 to eliminate the row or column. If a virus is part of the row or column it will be eliminated too!



dude calm down this game is good you just suck at it nice job bomtoons 10/10

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Yes it is Dr. Mario with different graphics.

But it's a solid Dr. Mario clone. And thankfully it eliminates combinations of 5 or more unlike a previous Dr. Mario clone I played years ago. So nice job.

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Its okay like Tetris

good job

Blah blah blah Dr. Mario

People make ridiculous amounts of cloned games constantly, it is not fair to just call this guy out on it. The bottom line is that this game is a good game. The music got to me after awhile but besides that I enjoyed the challenge.

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Well, I do like these games. It's just that I'm not very good at this one. I do think it's a pretty good layout. I like how cute it is. It didn't make it any easier, though! Vitamins are nice. I don't think this was that educational, though.

It has a nice name, though. The music fits the cuteness. It seems to be done in high spirits. The animation's pretty good. It works well enough.

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3.63 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2008
2:05 PM EDT
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