Rob "in the hood"

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This is just basically a trial run for this character and the movie....Wanted to know if he could at all work as a series...

I know that a lot of the animation is not great(I refer mainly to the scenes when he looks out the window an moves through the crowd)....Got to do a lot of work...Also the sound quality is not too great...

I just wanted to put it up and se your opinions on whether or not the concept should be explored further??

Basic plot:
Rob is pretty much a wannabe, he heard about a chap called Robin Hood and is now on his own mission to become a myth....Only problem is that he cant get anything right...

I welcome any form of constructive criticism....


Mint Entery

Cool OUT TAKEs best

quite good

good idea but it needs a better story line but good idea

keep going...

Not bad... It's a good start. Just, try not to do something dumb. Actually take time to make the plots now. THough you gotz the right idea. Keep it up.

Keep it REaL,
8/10 4/5


it wasnt good, but it wasnt bad, the animation was ok could have been smoother, as you said the sound wasnt that good and rob doesnt actually say anything (unless the muttering with the bird counts) the concept is good and with some work it could turn out quite well

Not bad

It was entertaining, the art is good. You are off to a good start. However, you need to work on your plot. Why would someone risk their life to get a bird off a ledge...when it's a bird sitting on a ledge that can fly. That didn't really make any sense. Also, it is very important read what you write, because spelling expand as "epand" at the end kind of destroys your credibility. I think with a little work you could really have something, though.

Tractor responds:

That is true, I only noticed that now..my mistake...

I am trying to go with plots that are in a way unreal, or not true to life, I think it adds a bit of humour...But I might be wrong, which is why I put it up here to get some feedback...

thanks for the response =)

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2.48 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2008
12:12 PM EDT
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