Still Alive - FFVI Style

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This isn't a big fancy animation, this is a quick farewell animation for my laptop. If you wanna see a big fancy animation, check out Sonic 15th 1+2 or Metal Triad.
3 years I've animated on this piece of stone age equipment, I'm saying good bye to this 513mb of Ram, and the terrible 256mhz Processor.
By tomorrow night, I will have a laptop worth animating on, but thats not to say the past 3 years weren't fun, that fact I was even able to animate on this is a shock to me.
So goodbye my cruddy Windows 2000NT, I shall never have to wait 20 minutes for a flash file to open anymore.


Pretty good

I liked it, but would have been better if you had done the whole song. Also why was "huge success" written backwards at the beginning?

RicStrife responds:

the reason it was written backwards, is because we are looking at the back of the note, and therefore what is on the front is reversed in our line of view


Love this song; I'm a little bummed that you didn't use the whole song, but the video was pretty good nonetheless.

RicStrife responds:

Well, with the outcome of this little bit of fun, maybe a Full Version is in order.


even though u said its not fancy i can't help pointing out tiny flaws like the part where the letter words are backward and the guy doesn't fall faster when he goes through double portal. Thats about it. They dont really effect the score though.

RicStrife responds:

the letters are meant to be backwards, how can someone write a note on the opposite side of paper? XD and the guy falling :S that would of been a memory and file sizer killer to make a full section of increasing momentum.

FF6 + still alive...

...equals win. Good sprites, great song, loved the magitech section.

RicStrife responds:

xD Thanks, I liked making the Portal References, like in the preloader and the Aperture Science sign, and the Weighted Companion Cube at the Party :P just like GLaDOS said...


nothing special... but hey, you never go wrong with a song like that, can you? haha.

wasn't anything too great, but it didn't suck either... like you said, it was just a quick animation, but at least it was somewhat entertaining to watch.

RicStrife responds:

it is a brilliant song, and both are brilliant games :P (Portal and FFVI)

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Apr 14, 2008
10:33 PM EDT
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