Surviving Stoneland

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EDIT: The GO button
People, I've fixed the GO button so now you only have to use the spacebar to start moving. No one's ever probably going to play this again, BUT oh well. :D

As a gravity-resistant stone ball, get through Stoneland... and live!

Use the arrow keys to guide your rock ball through 15 levels of stone obstacles. Sound easy? It's not. These obstacles range from moving platforms to morphing rocks.

This is my second submission, much better than the first!

Leave a comment for me! Tell me if there are any bugs or just tell me you love the game! Or hate, of course, but at least leave some constructive criticism.

Thanks, have fun!



ya can cheat right click and press forward

sticky49r responds:

I think someone's already said this.
Anyway, games are supposed to be played. This game is no different. Why would you open it, just to click a couple of times? To me, that seems pointless. Either play the game, or don't even open it.

This is playable. )

It is a bit hard to control rock in horizontal tunnel, but this is a game. )

One more thing - I`m really two times reloaded game yet have not read trough these comments - can be, insert some text comment before each level? :) Something like "Press SPACEBAR to start!"?

Good luck!

made for lefties?

its good a bit of a rip off of too many games but good, umm if you want to change something change the go button especially it is very annoying unless you are left handed but aside from that it is alright

pretty ok...

its pretty fun for a while but it just doesnt have that much appeal, good physics though!

yeah fix the go button

replace it with a spacebar push or something, its frustrating.

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2.85 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2008
5:36 PM EDT
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