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You've just been sucked into another dimension, the food dimension. You're surrounded by the tastiest foods in the universe with the only downside being they are toxic to touch! Run Run Run for you life and don't touch the food!

How long can you last before the food pwns ya?


definitely not a seven

at least a nine, clean up the controlls alittle so when he does and action after the jump it will have a better transistion.

woot nice game

nce game man do somemore = ) but make a save every3 lvls or so
cuz its quite irritating to restart all over again

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Fun New Spin on Cool Old School

This game reminds me of some old games, although I couldn't tell you which ones. Maybe like pitfall on crank or something. But it was truly fun. Once I was at like level 9, and that shit was flying, I couldn't handle it anymore. Seriously, I was about to have an aneurysm. My only recommendations would be to vary the terrain, background, and or collide-able (is that a word?) objects. It's not that it made it bad, but just a snip repetitive. However, the fact that it was dynamic and always changed, kept that part real. 9 for playability, 8 for graphics, 10+ for controls and collision, because damn, you had that perfect.

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Great game with lots of replay

A great little game, as its been said before great controls and one you can challenge yourself at.
this could have been let down by bad dynamics / object collision but you've got it working to a tee.
Id like to see different objects and maybe even a sligtly ascending level?

No e'fin way

Cupcakes are BAD!

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3.76 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2008
8:56 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid