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-Red Room-

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So yea, been a little sick this past few days, just a 24 hour bug, no big deal, but the real problem was how bored I was just sitting inside getting "better". So I took to making a quick flash to pass the time, no story line, no voice actors, no real idea what I was going to make really at all. But, here's the result. Before anyone complains about it, yea, it's super short, I know. But hell, watch it anyway, you just might like it :O

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This is indeed short but it's awesomely sweet during the entirety of it. Great job!

Great animations and grat movements!!!! Do more next time!

That's it?

Ok, to me, it seemed like a short Stabika game that wasn't interactive. It was really shortt, as well. I like your other works, but this was subpar at best.


Thats nice the music,the dude's tricks and the vid quality. i hope you will make more vids

It was one word: AWSOME!!!1

It was really fluid with animation and it was prettycool.

Also the ironic thing is red room is the name of a screamer like "ghost" flash program that you need to remove or it will act on its own like turning on in the middle of the day,night,etc.