Spidley and Spooch

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Author Comments

this is the animated version to one of my comics.

http://lupus-howler.devia ntart.com/art/Spidley-and -Spooch-cover-51739024

"day of the tentacle"
"final fantasy 7,8"
"back to the future"

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Looks like something you would see on TV.

I remember I was going to watch this when it first came out a year ago, but I guess I forgot to. I was really excite when I found this, it was a pretty funny cartoon. The animation was excellent, I like how you create your own characters, you have a lot of creativity. I also enjoyed how the characters didn't speak, but their action and the music in the background spoke for them.

My favorite parts were the "to be continued" part and the Back to the Future scene at the end, I love that movie. Overall, it was a well put together cartoon. This looks like it will be a good series. Keep up the great work!


This is the 50th review! Nice movier

Nice to see a clasic storyline.

Animation: Nicely drawn and the animation wasn't to bad. The graphics could also use some work. Could do with some better coloring. 6/10

Music/Sound: The sound work was rather automated it just seems as though you just took any sound and put it in there. The music was ok but it didn't stay on rythme. 5/10

Storyline: A nice 'back to basics' short. It is so nice to see something like this nowadays considering all this is about fighting and fart jokes and detailed storylines. Good to see something so classic. 8/10

Plus point: Good choice of characters the one guy reminds me a little of fonzie with his leather trench coat.


Very fun! I love how the entire story had no dialog. The animation left a bit to be desired but it was a good flash nonetheless

Pretty lame...

Where's the passion? Where's the glory? Where's the spam?

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3.86 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2008
11:16 AM EDT
Comedy - Original