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Fairwell Ross

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A collab made in honor of Ross who by this News Topic left for a new job. http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/882318

It's a bit late I know, but better late than never!!

Enjoy and leave a review, I respond to all.

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are you sure you respond to all? :D

Good tribute

Nice flash tribute to a great programmer

Graphics were quite simple, but nicely done. Liked to see the two varying styles and comparing them. The loops were quite funnily animated too :D

The sound was good, nice use to songs to show the mood. Nice choices.

Overall quite an average movie, but with little quirks pushed it in it's favour. Great work :D

=Review Request Club=

TemporarySevenSeize responds:

iShirm can draw better than me, it's not fair :'(

Thanks for the review.

Ross deserves some tributes...

Nicely drawn logo and cool voice at the start.

My first gripe is with the buttons in the menu - you didn't change the graphics for the 'rollover' frame so it isn't as obvious as it could be what's a button and what's being selected.

iShirm's part was nicely drawn (although the animation was fairly minimalistic).

Doesn't seem very pleasant a 'tribute' though and as a tongue-in-cheek joke, it didn't actually make me laugh.

In your part, things could have generally been drawn better - specially the crumpled up paper.

I guess the end frame is meant to be charming in ist's simplicity/primitiveness? I think the two sides could have been clearer - are they meant to be cliffs?Mountains? and some of the lines you have could have maybe been omitted for a cleaner look.

I liked the jolly tune and colours though and the font reminds me of a holiday postcard.

It's a cool tribute and would certainly make me smile if it were dedicated to me.

I felt a bit underwhelmed by this though - might be the length or the lack of real humour or other substance (to my mind).

TemporarySevenSeize responds:

I didn't see the need to have a rollover frame, since there is a change of cursor for when you hover over a button anyway. iShirms part could have had more animation and blah yeah but I had no control over that.

One thing that bugs me is, you saying I could have "drawn better", no I couldn't, if I could have drawn better I would have drawn better. Belive me, I drew what I could, look at my eariler flash and you'll see that I've actually done a little better with my drawing here, so I find that comment quite rude.

As for the end loop to my part, that was just suppost to be silly and everything, didn't hostly put a whole lot of effort into making it, so yeah, the sides where ment to be buildings, Yahoo having more to represent a bigger company.


This was a nice little tribute to Ross, we'll all miss him! Anyway, this was a pretty cool 2 section flash and both parts were about equally good.

Graphically they were alright, Little-Rena's was probaly the weaker graphically but it had more in it, both parties need to work on thier character design and proportion a bit, as well as scenery.
Animation was alright, not much of it in there but what was there was pretty ok.

The sound was alright, good sound effetcs and music even though there wasnt very much of it throughout the flash.
Overall it wasnt half bad, but you guys could of done better.

Graphics - 5
Animation - 6
Sound - 7

[Review request Club]

TemporarySevenSeize responds:

Well I did my best for what I could, my drawing isn't all that great, lol.

You're better than this!

Why do you guys persist with making decent animations with no effort in plotlines and a shitty bit of animation at the end? It beggars belief, because if I had that kind of talent, I'd be making some of the most slick animations out there, even rivaling Stamper on the scale of "I can offend you with my classy animations!"

Both of the animations in this piece have got decent enough animation for the movement of the characters and your drawing styles. Now take it further. Perhaps introduce a sub plot of how Ross is actually going in there to bring Yahoo to it's knees, just days after Microsoft has taken over the corporation, for example.

That's a plotline that I might have to explore myself...

[Review Request Club]

TemporarySevenSeize responds:

I actually do my best with everything I make, sorry if it doesn't look that way but I thought for a while about what I was going to do. It didn't come out how I wanted it and the silly animation I had at the end of my part was just for a laugh. Didn't think too much into what he was going to do at Yahoo, that wasn't the point of the flash.

I can't really speak for iShrim but he seemed to take a diffrent idea, one around Tom, though his didn't have much length, I kind of liked his myself.

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2008
8:05 AM EDT

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