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NG Tutorials: Ultimate

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Yes, this is my last NG tutorial that I started. These tuts are geared towards new users, so don't just say "Oh you restated the FAQ", the majority of new users don't consult the FAQ. Anyways, this one covers everything you should know. Look around here. You might learn something new. Anymore questions contact me or refer to the FAQ. Please report all bugs. This is not spam.

Leave a review, please. I'll respond to all.


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hi your game nice

I swore I reviewed this before. D:

Userpage - Something that I have never seen covered in a tutorial, but it is something that I have seen asked about several times. You did say that there are people that make them if you can't, but you should have included a link to these clubs and some people that you know can make them for people.

Blogs - Why the fuck don't you have one half of the time Yoshi? That goes to you too Metal. You guys never really have blogs. You are right they do make the profile look complete and everything. Again, you should say how they can make a blog and not just tell them why it's good to have one.

Favorites - Again, something that you could work on a little bit. Perhaps by adding how they add favorites and how they can change their favorites around. And actually include the other type of favorites that they have such as movies, music, etc.. There are favorites there that aren't Newgrounds related.

Stats - A basic explanation of where they are. Hopefully you will cover them later like you said you would.

What is a review - Ew, get rid of the word comment. Please get rid of the word comment. This may lead people to believe that comments are something that they should be leaving when in fact it's a place to leave a review.

How to write a review - This was a little bit better when explaining reviews. I still think getting rid of the word comment would be a good thing.

What not to do - More people need to see this.

What not to do cont. - More people need to see this also. I hate when people think reviews are abusive because they use negative language. You wrapped that up pretty good here.

Telling the difference between an abusive review and a non-abusive review - More people need to see this also. =P Good job on showing examples and giving a good explanation.

How to get the Deity Whistle - Maybe next time making the link clickable and have it open up in a new tab. That might be a little better.

Further Help on reviews - Ask me lol. Anyway, again perhaps make the mods clickable here so people can open up their profile in a new page. I would also like to see you talk about the negative and minus signs a little bit on reviews.

BBS - I've noticed how long this tutorial was and I don't think I'm going to break this section up into all of the smaller sections. D: Anyway, good job explaining each individual forum. Perhaps links to each forum would have been pretty cool or something like that.

Levels - I think you should clear up the voting on 5 submissions by saying voting on 5 flash submissions. Some people think they can vote on audio submissions too.

B/P - You covered this part well. Links to the flash portal perhaps?

Whistle Status - I think you should have talked a lot more about what is considered whistleable in flashes.

Posts - Something you need to do more often. ;)

Trophies - Something that I need to get more off. =P Ha, yeah good job explaining this also.

Statwhores - Nice of you to include me in this flash.

Staff - The only thing that I can think about here is perhaps add a little Bio about each of the staff members instead of just a quick blurb like you had of what they did on the site. I also think that you should have had bots in a different section.

Navigation - Something people don't explore enough on Newgrounds. You should have added some better instruction on this saying something like, "Hover your mouse over the section you want to learn about."

History - Again, Links would be a lot better.


Things that I think you could have improved on the flash.

Animation/Graphics - Yeah, the drawings and everything weren't always the best. Some things could have been better organized and made smoother.

Story/Content - This was a very limited topic that you could have gone into more detail with. A lot more detail, but it's still very helpful to new users even if it is a little out dated now.

Audio - That song gets so annoying with a tutorial this long lol. I think you could have added either a mute button or a selection of audio for people to choose from.

Overall - Very helpful and I ran out of cha

Sispri responds:

holy fucken hell this review is useless

but thanks anyway corkerz ily2


Where did you get the NG symbol that turns white and then turns into the words EVERYTHING BY EVERYONE?

Sispri responds:

Tom Fulp :)

very great for begginers and helpful

can you help me? i signed to newgrounds a while ago and havent submited anything and i were wondering could you help me get a flash maker so i be a real newgrounds member!!!!!!!!!!!

Sispri responds:

Ah, I guess so.


Covers alot of stuff. Helpful.

Sispri responds:

Thanks bro