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The Tutorial Collab '08

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Look, Learn, Enjoy.

13/4/08 - I've added a donation button, any donatees will get a custom sig if they want one ;D. All donations will go to a new site or to the authors of the collab.

The Tutorial Collab '08 is the largest, most informative flash tut to date. With over 80 subjects, by 33 different authors, there is always something to learn. It covers the very basics, such as buttons, right up to the more complex sides of flash such as 3D and BitmapData. There are also numerous tutorials on AS3 for those of you looking for somewhere to start. It's not just all code though, there are tons of art tutorials to keep busy with! With over 1500 pages of information, there is something for everyone.

If you notice any glitches or errors in tutorials, please pm me or leave a review, it would be greatly appreciated. All reviews will be responded to, and it's always brilliant to hear peoples ideas!.

Special thanks to ShirkDeio, for the brilliant custom track. Make sure to check out all the amazing artists who let me use their music in this.



good but.....

when I try to go through the Patterns and Brushes tutorial, it goes to the simple button tutorial after the first page.

is anyone else getting a error on the pong script?

and no its a different error than explained

Nice tuts

Nice tut but i tried the drag n drop code n i was told....
**Error** Scene=Scene 1, layer=Horns, frame=1:Line 1: Mouse events are permitted only for button instances

Ok so can any 1 help me with this please? im tryin to make a drag n drop game

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Forgiveno1 :- You have made a VERY easy mistake to make. You have placed " // " before some pieces of script. DO NOT! The " // " is for Author Comments, in case the author needs to, remember what a piece of script means. e.g:
//Sends user to frame 3

Zinc55 :- I think i understand your problem. 1. On the frame you want the button to send the user to, select that very frame, press F9, and type in


(Make sure you put in the Brackets & Semi-Colon!)
2.Now insert this script into your button:


3.Where it says "insert-frame-number-here", replace that with the frame number you inserted the " stop(); " script into.

Now, my review:
Awesome tut!

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When I read a button on for making a play button 4 a flash in progress I can never do the code right i tryed
on(press) {
on(release) {
but it still doesnt work can any1 help?

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