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Good Old Pong

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My first game inspired by a tut inspired by the game. Hope you enjoy it.

Mon premier jeu inspiré par un tut qui est lui-même inspiré du jeu. J'espère que vous l'aimerez.



Good fora first game, but you have the exact same glitch I had, when the ball is hit with the top or bottom of the paddle, it glitches out, as of yet, I do not know how to fix this.

It was ok

I had a problem, it kinda glitched after the comp scored and he just started rapidly shooting pong balls at me...Hmm I though maybe that was a problem haha. Played on hard it was nice though nice job for ur first hope to see more submissions from you.

You provided what you said you would

you said this was good old pong, and it is you made no clames that this was the best pong remake ever no briliant backrounds no missles or blood and gore just pong.

well done.

but realy check into the ball going through the paddle issue.

oh and give some warning when the ball is giong to be reserved i sat like a nimrod and got scored on 3x because i didnt know the ball would launch imediatly dead center from the net.

good early submition. just try somthing a little harder next time.


there was no point to this piece of crap... i stood still and i still won... why did you make this?
there are just about 100 more versions of pong on the web that are better than this crap...

Try and add a twist to it to get more stars next time :)
and fix the bug at the top of screen...


it glitched at the top of the game and then i couldn't move and the computer kept scoring until it said your defeated, you suck... well i think you need to work on your creating skills and fix this game that can glitch and lose everytime...

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1.89 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2008
12:55 PM EDT
Skill - Other