Super Smash bros ST 5

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-Master hand and crazy hand are about to die, but they have one final thing
to do before they get to zero!

Extras are unlocable the story is on one of my old news post's sorry u_u.

To cool for the smash bros colection lol x)

-watch the other 4 episodes =3-



I'm not going to lie, this was terrible. The sprites were ugly, the "action" was slow, it was just a mess. Try harder.

But seriously, those sprites were awful.

Hey, remember me?

k, you still dont get it, this sux

improvements: you put the konami credit at the start, its nice you listened to me

the crap:
the music
the art
the %/health at the bottom (that was pointless)
the concept
the action sequences
the "dialog"
the lack of voices
the negative lighting effects
the fact its on the front page
the fact that it was made
the fact that your making another

pls make tha NOT to be continued

for you, EPIC FAIL

i want more

i want to see the next episodes of this saga!
when it´s gonna be avaiable ep. 6?

No, I'm not recommending this.

It doesn't deserve it. The spelling made me cry. In a public place. No, please god, no! Read and spellcheck your work before you EVER submit EVER again. I hate this whole series. First of all, In the description, I was turned off by the sweeping generalizations you made on reviewers. That's unfair to Newgrounds members in general. Secondly, from the START, the spelling made me weep. Thirdly, This storyline is less creative than anything, and isn't related to Super Smash Bros. In the least. I'm not spamming, either, don't pull that crap on me. This review is full of good content, not spammy OMGOMGOMGITSUXXXXXLOL bullcrap. On another note, you say the text was not made by you, and next time it will be spanish. Dear god, you're the ONLY one who is on the authors list. That's all I have to say on this flash video, thank you for your time. Please reply if you can, I'd be glad to critique and suggest improvements on your future movies, if you find that to be a useful thing for someone to do for you. Thombom1931, over and out.


The storyline made almost no sense, I had to watch this twice to piece it together, the extra didnt even work and furthermore, how on earth are you admitting to taking sound fx from someone elses flash in the credits??? Just crediting the maker of the flash does not make it ok to steal the sound fx. So you earn a nice big 0.

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4.15 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2008
10:46 PM EDT