Super Smash bros ST 5

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-Master hand and crazy hand are about to die, but they have one final thing
to do before they get to zero!

Extras are unlocable the story is on one of my old news post's sorry u_u.

To cool for the smash bros colection lol x)

-watch the other 4 episodes =3-



You're are every bit as good as the lengendary Alvin Earthworm. Honestly, you rock. I think you have done everything he can do. Are you going to do voice acting? I would love to help. Anyway, yeah. Keep up the good work. If this gets any better, you will be better than old Alvin. Good work. You deserve 100000000/10 for this.

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Good but could have been better

Well this is your fifth installment in your super smash brothers based show, but I can see a bit of improvement in animation.

Sprites- 7/10 all sprites were decent, and overused, but I hated the giga bowser one, it was too static. I would suggest moving the hands differently.

Story- 8/10 The story is good, at least more developed than a lot of fighting shorts on newgrounds.

Fighting- 8/10 The fighting was well animated, but to much DBZ style in my opinion you could cut it down a bit.

Menu- 10/10 The menu was cool and pretty to look at.

Misc. -1 I don't like how you started the flash, a bit of the movie then the menu, you should have made the menu then the bowser getting shot thing, also I don't like the overuse of the marvel v.s capcom effects, when Mario was crushed by the hands you should have made the screen red.

Reccomendations: If possible make your own sprites but I don't mind overused ones, make the flash less DBZ like, work on that spelling a bit, change that giga bowser sprite.




That I one of the best 8bit (w/e bit, type movies -.- ill just call it super nes gfx) gfx movies I've ever seen! man I gotta watch the first few....10/10 man,

but, your missing a character.
Kirby! where is KIRBY!!!

5/5 10/10
and Faved!

Nothing to complain about except...

Nothing to complain about other than a few typos something else was also missing sorry i cant put my finger on it. othewise a damn good movie. Good job.

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4.15 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2008
10:46 PM EDT