Super Smash bros ST 5

April 11, 2008 –
March 13, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

-Master hand and crazy hand are about to die, but they have one final thing
to do before they get to zero!

Extras are unlocable the story is on one of my old news post's sorry u_u.

To cool for the smash bros colection lol x)

-watch the other 4 episodes =3-


Sweeeeeeet man i love nintendo CAN YOU DO MORE OF NINTENDO MOVIES??


Lol. Da da dadada RRRRRRR dadada RRRR Dada rrrrr DA RRR DA RRRRR

when come the nexrt WILL MOAR MOARRRRR....

I liked how everyone got the living crap beat out of them at some point, except Snake.

i thougt this would be epic when link is really angry its like naruto of his nine tails form but link transform not into the nine tails but fierce deity in the begin his eyes are whole white and he has the red ting on his head and the bleu ting above is head and when he alsmost die an huge explosion came en link trully transform into the fierce deity whitout his mask and then he KICK THE ASS he is just the same side then en DEAFETS GIGA BOWSER but that would really be epic

666 bowser is a fuckin satan clon XDD

hey where part 7!?!?!?


I was wrong, sonic got his ass kicked more then master hand or crazyy hand. At least he beat the shit out of giga bowser. Good job though.

yeah ok but..

nice graphics, cool idea but... where is the rest? i don't just mean the sequel but this was like 20 secs, seriously i think i farted and missed it all. keep going please you have skill but longer, stronger and... well longer


Did anyone see a subliminal message? involving teh percent meter?

i want more

i want to see the next episodes of this saga!
when it´s gonna be avaiable ep. 6?

more please : )



I lol'd at the 666 part

i think kill mario

that kill 125% that right really hurt

so awsome!

the action is so cool whens the next movie?
ps on the menu
how do you unlock the third one?

Getting more SMBZ-esque.

Very unique, and very SMBZ-ish.

Just Great

i Absolutely Love This Series And I've Been Waiting For Episode 7 For Like a Year And Im looking Forward To When Episode 7 Comes Out Please Continue Making Videos You've Done a Great Job So Far Keep Up The Good Work

- cloud104farted

come on!

can you make another one,PLEASE!!!It was also good.


Link and Yoshi Combo= freaking awesome!!!!

It...it can't be...

everybody died but sonic and snake...
Dude you got to make another one...


when sonic was kicking bowers ass, when he said check out my feet now, he did kung-few noises!

so funny when

giga bowser jumps on mario and mario said AGGGGGH




OH MY GOD THE BEGINNING HAS 666 PERCENT... Good flash anyways! xD


durimi ansering your question the ending is no song is the bleach batle start theme


how is song name in the end of this episode?


finally here!


i like it,best ssb st ep ever.i hope cap falcon returns though.


i want more!


this is quite a good story, but I think that the story changes too fast and this is really the worst giga bowser I've ever seen in my whole life.

this was the best one of super smash bros st.

this was the best one of super smash bros st.


What Is Mario Going to transform into love your series now



freakin awesome

this series is awesome,your great at animating

next ep.

when is tha next episode coming out? i can't wait for the ending.


once again this series proves great as well as author


yeah very good


bleach music :D




lol, playing pong with sonic...

An Epic Sucseed

i Belive this was the....most....EPIC THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! And not just this but All of the videos in this series!!!!!


its been two years any chance of the next episode?

Sweetest. Entrance. Ever.

The opening is EPIC! That is all.


man its flawless email me man i NEED to watch ST 6 it has everything but make a new oone man otherwise ur awesome

Best One Yet.

You had some very amazing fighting scenes out there. Dude, i noticed there are no more yet, and i want you to e-mail me when the next one comes out. The animation you had for the fighting was mind blowing, the storyline was flawless, it clearly depicted Super Smash Bros through the whole series. GREAT JOB!!!

Some of the Greatest!

This was some awesome work you've done, and I'm speaking for the entire series!
Have you thought about teaming up with Alvin-Earthworm, or rivaling him? Because this right here is of that calibre, no lie!

must be higer that 10!

THAt was an epic battle! The master and Crazy hand are pretty smart. The battle must continue! By the way... can you tell me where you got the master hand sprites in a PM?

higher than...10! probably 2,000,000,000 and so on...

i would give u 100000000000000000000 of 10

dude its hard to posibly say this is bad iis AWESOME U GOTTA POST ANOTHER ONE best fight i the history of flashes

not bad

i liked the part about sonic getting involved. i could not use the extras after i watched the movie. why bother locking it in the first place?

Wheres everyone else

Wheres the all the other charecters, this shit is awsome when u posting the next one

this is what i do in my time watch this.

dude really good i did not find anything that bad about it. i mean its awesome just wish you gave the voices

i liked and all

but in the fights
when you focus on one character (getting beat down)
it seems like you taking the edge off the battle scenes

not a bad thing, just something i noticed

Woah. Go Sonic.

He hit GB with a sack of hammers. All right!


lol i always hated dk anyways he deserved 2 die


I think everyone who likes sonic should think that the part when he said "Check out my feet now" and he went crazy on giga bowzer lol i was crackin up woot thats a good ten from me

love the part you gave sonic

and all the other characters <.<=>.> but mostly sonic YOU RULE!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tht was awesome wen r u making the next one


this is awsome! but where are the pokemon? are you going to make more? cuz that would explain alot


somthing funny 666 and becoming giga bowser thats funny

Not to bad

The part where giga bowser helps crazy and master hand is a little inacurate, but it isn't terrible, it is pretty good.

giga bowser rules

best battle line up ever

Giga Bowser?

it;s true that giga Bowser is in Melee and Brawl. but in both games he doesn't help them. he takes his rage out on the one that caused the pain. AKA Master hand and Crazy hand. then he'd beat everyone else up


This is an awesome vid! personally my favorite one yet. You inspire me to make an ssb sprite someday

Just One Thing.

Why can't you access the Extra? Is it like an Easter Egg or something?


that was the biggest and best ass-kickin i've ever seen!

ok starboy no...

i get what your saying... but only pichu was from the super smash bro series... aeron nor shadow were in it... well shadow was a trophy... but you get the point dude... also great ending movie


maybe you should add more characters from other movies say shadow or pichu or aeon from final fantasy sonic.


bowser got gang raped and 666% damage? lol. i wish tha gave me a powerup in brawl...it actully worked on wifi once. this guy and me were fighting...we were bombin the f*** outta each other and mine got to 666 and he called me (he had my number) and said OMFG dude ur damage lvl...i took that oppuronity to knock him into orbit. anyways...great animation man. i looke forward to ur next episode. and guys geet off crossbones back..he dident rly do anything wrong. so he likes random things and sonic. so? CALM THA F*** DOWN U JUST R TEH KINDA PPL THAT WILL BAN SUM1 FOR THEIR NAME ON XAT.COM PROBLY!

its great

lol crazy hands a bitch oh and crossbones a spammer ban him please




i cant go to the extras


great series! keep it up!




sooooooooooo good


It's so cool!

pretty good

I kinda just keep expecting a crono trigger character to appear, I know they weren't in any of the games but you keep using their backgrounds and it would be awesome if you added them in though I'm sure the series is already over

giga bowser

this movie remind me of the mocie the wrath of giga bowser it was the best flash but this was better also 8o

cool. where did you get giga bowser?

that brawl is awesome. It´s good animated , it´s long and it´s exciting.

all i can say is 10/10

that was awsome

10/10 5/5 PERFECT!!!

Good Job! The Animation is really good! What is the sound in the last part?


cool freat animation
the fight exelent
great great great

dbz ftw!

snake is such a god on this

Lol 666

Heh lol bowser got 666% number of the beast still great flash like the battle scenes and hope eps 7 comes out just as nicely.


i think it was pretty good plus the sprites were very nice


did Samus,Yoshi, and Link Die?????


this flash is awesome

good work henry

this animation it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My real rating is 999,999,999 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so um is there going 2 b another or r u just gonna leave us 2 wounder 4 all eternity?

nice movie

long but great


This flash was awesome! Can you give me the link to download the Giga Bowser sprite? I'd like to use it for a certain flash I want to make. Please respond, thanks!

Even better

I liked the ''666'' part.
Keep it up.

Too Cool!!

I Especially enjoyed how well you have captured a bit of sonics true potential! and to think he hasent even gone SUPER! I look forward to the next one man! Keep up the good work!

even epicer

Make the sixth so I can call it epic too. Mario needs a miracle.

Hah hah!

Mario's in deep shit now.

Very good

Dude this is one of the best animations I've seen here in NG and I don't know why i know all the music you choose xD and back grounds it feels wierd ._.


That was awesome.

When's the next one?!



Dude really nice fight. This one is mostly about action ans this is AWESOME. I can't w8 for the 6th one good luck on it.


why bowser now sides master abd crazy hand? and master hand had 18 hp left

Fucking cool

I thought it kicked ass especially the part where bowser transformed and the battle between the nintendo stars and the 2 hands was very epic nice job im really looking forward to what the next one will introduce

DK rolling is dumb

I liked everything except how you protrayed DK, I couldn't help but feel that you could have done a better job with him.


that´s awsom but wheres luigi and link and yoshi what hapen to them and how i unlock the extras


The last episode of Super Smash Bros ST totaly kicks some ass and this episode totaly (x2) kicks some ass. I like when Sonic and Snake joins the fight then Crazy hand come in be play and the Bowser change to Giga Bowser after that the fight start it again but Master Hand and Crazy Hand get 999 hp that was a cool twist dude and at the end Mario's other verisons show up. So how long will Super Smash Bros ST episode 6 be finish dude I can't wait to see it.

who cares about grammar

good god. some people always has something to complain about. at least he tried and that is all that matters. this was a good flash series. keep up the good work dude!


But, whats gonna happen to yoshi and link? if it was a real super smash bros they would be dead....

Good movie, Great fight

But wait a second....where is luigi?

I'm not you're spelling teacher or anything, but..

Really good!...But, please the grammar is atrocious!


When are you gonna finish this?

To be continued?

Yes please continue this

Great movie!

This was a great entry for your series. Your animation is smooth and your fight scenes are really good. Keep up the good work; just try and fix your grammar.


nice episode it thought yoshi died in the second or third episode and the bleach music was a good and the part with marios timelines of himself.


great as usual i cant wait for ike to come then the battle will realy start. HOW DO YOU UNLOCK EXTRAS??????????


THIS IS AWESOME!!! this is soo epic, but how DO u unlock the extras??


that was great!
what was that music at the end?


If only playing the game would be this epic


The was awsome keep it up and i cant wait for suer smash bros ST number 6


but how to unlock the extras


This series has a so much better story line then SSBB Sub Space,the fights have a meaning the character's say what fits them and the ending is something to remember.

Hope you return with great work man good luck

I love

I liked this one the most of them all. Specailly because you used so good of sprites in the movie you did a good no GREAT! job with this.


You watch too fucking much bleach


Best super smash bros sprite movie series EVER!! This is the beginning of brawl spite history in the making. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE NEXT ONE......FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome... But

next time you need either super mario with his cape, super sonic or a final smash for A CHARACTER

the best super smash bros brawl show i ever seen!

it was the best fighting that i ever seen better than going to see an action movie i bet this is better watching dragonball z

great but?



Sonic got the moves!


I haveto say, the entier series is a big hit!!!!!!!!!Cant wait for the next part!

Not bad

I've been watching your series lately, and I must say they're defiantly above average, and improving with each new installment. As it's been stated, your grammar (not just spelling) can make dialogue difficult to understand, but that is an easy problem to fix if you can really give it some attention. Fighting's pretty good too, though the zooming around everywhere was a bit disorienting at first. Once you get used to it, it gives you a fighting experience quite different from other flashes in Newgrounds. So all in all, this gets a 8/10 4/5 from me. Pretty darn good.

Better than SMBZ? Not really. But it is defiantly catching up to that series in quality.


man u need to hurry up and make the next one
i cant wait


Too cool even better than SMBZ! when fate the fellow episode? (desolate if I write badly, because I am french and I use a translator) thank you for answering ^^

this is...



That is the best thing ever!!!!!!!! when is 6 coming out

Aesome Series!

'nuff said :D


when i st6 going to be out?


Hey im gonna give you 10/10 for all the ST's to help you.

this is much cooler then ST4

this movie is much cooler i wanna see te next 1

cool but

It was good but you need to sort out that sound a bit

Good, but it has so much potenial.

This is an example of good, hard worked flash, you put your time in effort into this, however it seems you like to cut corners generally in the Art department. The sprites are good, but they do not clash well the bitmap is off and you can tell on certain sprites, like giga-bowser, the background, DK, and The Hands. It could look amazing if you were to have the sprites sized up in all the same bitmap, good SFX, Music and Action Squences though.

One thing that does really get me sometimes, is how hard it is to see the Damage on people, maybe when you see Characters fighting in the screen only there Damage Percents come up, or perhaps they are outlined, either way, I was having trouble following along who was getting hit.

Good flash and series by the way, keep em' coming! Every single episode can only get BETTER!

how unlock extras?

how do u unlock extras?

Gotta agree a lot with Flamemon212

Pretty silly saying something in YOUR movie is not YOUR problem. Your cliff-hanger endings really don't work well. They are like "OMFG THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT" but then you end it which only makes disappointment. The excitement does not carry over. Then when you finally watch the next episode all that excitement is gone and lost. The story is indeed very basic and pretty lame, but clearly not totally bad. You are certainly improving on it. And the fight scenes are pretty great.

And i Flamemon212 should be +'d a whole load for having the only real review you can see without sifting through a load of "AMAZING!"s and "OMG I WANT TO SEE THE NEXT EP"s. Don't - his good review because it said this movie wasn't the best.

PS: This review counts for all episodes that are out. I don't have time to copy paste this on all of them and I certainly do not need to, so don't complain about it.


im waiting for the next episode
good job by the way =3

Amazing but i have to say.....

This series would be perfect if every character and every enemy appeared, especially Ike. But other than that, i think this series is amazing, and i can't w8 for the next 1


Just because you base it off an anime doesn't mean that you should have cliffhangers/dropoffs a the end of every episode. This reveiw is judging the whole of the series and i gotta say it's pretty bad. The plot is very... well to put it frankly stupid, there are alot of grammical errors in the subtitles as well, and the chosen dialouge is just... uggh. To anyone who gets pissed off about me saying this and giving it a bad score are gonna have to realize that you're SUPPOSED TO PUT REVEIWS HERE (just saying cool or good is fine but it's not a reveiw...) and i'm completely within right to say this. It has one redeeming quality in the fight scenes however, they are fairly good and interesting, completely the only reason i even watched all of them. 5/10 2/5


nice, but wat happened to all the fighters that were mentioned in #4(the ones the hands forgot) and i agree, if you want to leave cliffhangers, fine, but that wasn't a cliffhanger, that's a total drop-off


it was unbelievable and would be even better if you would just STOP WITH THE FLIPPIN HANGMAN ENDINGS!!!!!1! i mean seriously!but its awesome!


somebody tell me how to make anime


what does the extra button mean and how do u unlok it

the 666%



Its an aswome movie andyou don't make Sonic an enemy and Snake.

Awesome but,

You need to focus more on Sonic then Mario but i did like the part when he took out Giga Bowser

the marios

first of all i think its sweet that you brawl pic on char. now saying that i do need something out the 1 dr mario 2 shadow mario 3 metal mario 4 ice mario and the music 1 supspace 2 his world instrumental

too many mario

tell me all the marios


you are AWSOME making videos i see the entire saga the story is GREAT! i cnat wait for the part 6 to come out NIIIICE VIDEO


THIS WAS FRIGGIN AWESOME i shall give it 99999999999999/10 xD



Hes my fav video game charater,gimme a break


is the next one coming out are u working on it?


u are really good at this :D
i just can't believe it :O
i hope the other characters will be coming soon :D

yeah iys very good

but when its the next episode?

Best one yet

Ive only watched the other 4 and not rated but This Realy ROCKS MAH SOCKS OFF DUDE!!! GREAT JOB! __
\ \
| |
______| |__
/ --|
| --|
| _________ --|


This an awsome parody. I like it because it doesn't go by the book like in the 2nd one you made an yeti come out! A Yeti! I give you an 5/5 10/10 100/100 10000000000/10000000000


I have really become addicted to this now!!
Hope the next one will be even better!

I just have one problem with it, how the hell do you unlock the extras?!

fantastic. best yet!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! whens 6 coming out???

OMG im addicted to this

when does 6 come out??? when does 6 come out??? when does 6 come out??? when does 6 come out??? when does 6 come out??? when does 6 come out???

awsome =D

in the next ep can you have sonic do his final smash (wich is turn into super sonic)


great job i wached them all so far and i cnat wait untell #6 comes out


I've been watching from the start and I realy like the SuperSmash st series, looking forward to ST 6! 10/10

pretty awesome

but how do you unlock the extras?


awsome series man! oh, and where did you get those giga bowser sprites, i want them, please tell me!!! i've been looking for some but cant find any :p

dude kikass

i hate how everyone dies but man i cant w8 till the next one. unless its out already and i dont no it.

great job!

dude great job! i do and i don't want the seriesd to end i want it to end yo see how it ends but i want to see a lot more of them so keep the coming and when is the next one coming out? i sure hope really reaslly soon

Not bad mate!

I'd say that you've definitely improved in this series; 5/5 and 10/10 for me

can't wait to see the next part


This was the greatest one yet I can't wait ontil the next one comes out


this is the best series ive seen i am really liking how this series is going and the best part is every time it leaves on the perfect cliffhangar thats what makes me want to watch more and more nice job


vry good left me wanting more so keep'em coming


Can Someone PLEASE tell me how to unlock extra!!!!!Anyway great movie man


wow this OWNS so good

good series

its a good series when does part 6 comes out


this is the best series on newgrounds ever made. Mario is gonna come back and kick there ass!!!!!!!!!!!!


Damn I need to see the next episode xD
I want to know what happens now with mario.
who are the tree mario's? Shadow Mario, Metal Mario and? Aqua Mario?
and ofcourse Docter Mario..

I would like to be able to create these animation movies :)
but I dont know what Creator I need to use..

truly outstanding

these movies are great, i still cant unlock the secret menu, but otherwise its great, loved it, btw, if you need help translating to spanish properly contact me, spanish is my first language, i could help if you want.

preety good

good but the fact that its not over makes me want to rate the last best... if it turns out that way, also nice way in making sonic and some of the other chars have light speed attacks


how do you unlock the extra mode??????

"the best ssb st made so far XD THIS 1'S AWESOME"

whoa this 1's the best so far 1 thing tho? does Dr.Mario go to help Mario and the others? anyway this awesome keep up the great work but how many episodes are left 4 u 2 make til its over?


Crazy action!!!
I just wanna see PEACH! DAMN!!

Lol, but it's still reallly really good.

very good

I liked that scene when sonic attacks giga bowser with lots of damage. When ST6 coming out?

when is the 6th episode coming out?

And i think you should make sonic go super sonic.

sweet battle.

i think this series is great and they should have added you to the smash bro collection.when you find the next one can you pm me i would like too view and rate it first.keep up the good work
By the way:
the new smash bros has both snake and sonic in it.(nintendo borrowed sonic and snake for the new smash bros)


when do you intend to finish this?!!!!!


nice little series u got going on
keep the googd work up

o and by the way..
smash bros is only nintendo characters dude..


this is a good series but where is tails and knuckles? but i would give this series 9/10!


How to unlock the Extra????

this kicks ass

o my god this is the best video i have ever seen holy shit its awesome

mad good

this is prob one of the best smash vids here but ur story got too many unanswered questions like: what about fox and luigi?

i love it 10/10

I love it sooo much exept for marios scream but the rest is so awsome!one more thing Snake does get hurt 12%


brudda dis is sho TIGHT!!!! i only have only quesion.... WHY BIS EVERYONE GOING TO SO HIGH A FUCKING PERCENTAGE AND!!!!........ why was snake never EVER fuckin hurt AT ALL!!!!!


once again it is getting better. a good episode to the series, and hopefully the next one will b even better. and i know that on my review for episode the i put SMB but i meant to put SSB. ah well, i aint perfect

awesome but..

how do you get into the exrtas is there a secret somewhere cause it still says locked on it after watching, a awesome flash that i want to see the end of you guys rock!!!!

yesh to be continued!

another one you guys are fukin awesome!


This was nice. Just add more characters.


The movie was awesome. Add more people, but characters from the super smash bros. games. Keep up the good work

I agree with ende

It wasn't destructive enough and could do with someone someone with long range attacks to make it more destructive as it all has been close combat. You really need to add a couple more characters to make it more interesting.

nice but......

you need to add some more ppl that kick major ass like for instance naruto,sasuke or,gaara.or you could try a few chars from bleach.they can kick some major ass.just puttign it otu there for a few ideas of chars to add.overall good but just not enoughdestruction.also what happened to roy?he dissapeared at the start of the first episode and never showed up again.

this deserves better.

i think you did a great job on this. i think that you just didn't make things dramatic enough in a fight like this.


the whole friggin series is pretty cool! I hope to see more soon. if i can help out i will do the best i can.

about master and crazy handbesark

I think it would be betta if u made another one wit me (inuyasha) in it he would probably be a greater help than sonic! an add shadow and/or silver thanx for listening!


i give it a 9 cause it dosne tell u how to unlock the extra. i watched the whole movei but it still didnt work. but thx for making me so strong! i messed bowser up. errr GIGA BOWSER!!! Yea!

u know wat nvm 10 10 10 10 for making me so awesome!
im so going to recomend u!


It's great how the whole thing uses the hit points and damage% in the movie... And the music that's from all sorts of place (everything from sonic to bleach). Completely crazy action, making the ties to the mario ball Z series evident. A great series so far, keep it up.


Check out my speed now!



keep it up it is cool as hell


So cool man. I'm definitely recommending it for the Samsh Bros. Collection.


holy jesus christ monkey balls this is getting so good

Sweet and awesome

great job man. I sure hope they stop Master Hand and Crazy Hand and i sure do hope that Bowser will return to his normal size. When's part 6 coming out? i can't wait for the next one.


YAY! BLEACH IS THE BEST ANIME EVUR I AM SO HAPPY U USED IT"S MUIC! I like this series alot, i am recomending it for the smash bros collection

omega awesome

keep up the work on all of your movies. hope 6 comes out

that was

fucking awesome


I just created 1 account to comment this flash !
Is rly cool and kickass, I like the smash bros flash animation!!!
so, keep up it the good work!!!


kick ass


nice flash,But,how do unlock the extra??

Too awesome for words

I submited the flash to the SSB colection.
Plz make part 6!


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I will be very disappointed if there is no sequel.

im getting addicted

Finally Sonic fights! great man tho Link has been defetead :( and also Yoshy and where is Samus i tought she wasn't defeated, but well the only thing i got to say great animation great fight i want a sequel :)




That was some funny shit, but these are still one of NGs best fighting flashes.

Best one Yet

It's the best one yet!!!!
But it sucks yoshi died


great vid and hey whats that song (or beat)called i heard it from the show BLEACH


giga bowser,master hand, and crazy hand are some mean dudes.
that fight was awesome, except when link and yoshi lost


that was awsome but i still wonder who the purple mario is


i just thought that the entire idea of this was awesome, my fave part in this is when mario and snake were flying and master hand and crazy hand weree laughing, that part madwe me crack up, this is perfect man, and please, dont make the next one in spanish, like most people who cant read freign I CANT EITHER, so plz, dont make the next one s;anish


really well made my friend, and trust me, they won't stop bitching at ya just cause you asked them too. anyways, giga bowser was powerful friend, i'd hate to fight him. and at the end with all those Marios, that was cool, i can't wait for the next one


The 4th was better as people have said but this one is still great.


I really liked the final battle. HAHA snake was only got 12% damage.
P.S are you a KOF fan because that fighting sound affects where from kim.


This series still kicks ass! when bowser becomes giga bowser, I'm thinking " woah, didn't see that coming". One thing though, I read the description and it said the next one would be in spanish. Is that true?


In your author comments, you wrote watch previews episodes
Did you mean "previous" episodes?

Anyway, I think this one wasn't as great as the fourth one but still quite

Keep up the good work!


acctually i love da endin pretty oriina, i like your work keep like dad (problems wit tbe keyboard)

i like da sound traks and da music love bleac

Didnt like the ending

I don't see what the point of that ending was!


lets seeeee what to say what to say....well first of THIS FLASH IS DA BOMB!!! great work there buddy keep it. as i will have my eye on you ;)


Like I said, I would favorite your next one. Also, it seem's you've gotten better. By the way, where did you get the sound effects from?

Error in credits...

Hello, Mr. Sanchez. Did you know that those Solid Snake sprites you are using were not made by Omega X or Kcnukio but by a spriter named "?UNKNOWN?" over at the site you mentioned in the credits for the "Bow[s]er" and Yoshi sprites? I'd figure I'd let you know, so that next time proper credit will be given where it is due.

On topic, this wasn't too bad... The plot is a bit contrived, but given the source material, that's to be expected. However, I think you could have tried a little harder with the pacing of the film, as it seemed too rushed to get to the next scene at times. Well, that's all I have to say for now, so good day.


i loved this if you listen after sonic says check out my speed now you will hear bruce lee and this is dbz sounds and moves because dbs is WAY TO EPIC [not really too epic but still very epic] video games rock the purple one could be a wire frame a polygon or even poisend mario


I like the way you've taken this series. I also like the sounds you used. Using the sounds from the 64 Smash Brothers was a very good move. The audience added good tension to the fight.

The attacks used by everyone were all well executed, and looked quite painful and powerful. Good ol' Giga Bowser, and of course the Hands.

The last song used when Mario was shot into that dimension... I know that song from Bleach, what's the name of it?

I guess we'll find out what those clones are next episode. Dr. Mario I recognized, the purple one seemed slightly familiar...


Now if only they could do that in the real game, it would be twice as awesome! XD Great job by the way.


haha great lol

they are all into ruin...

the hands will defeat them,even sonic can't save them now,but wait, a new player appears.... bladeslinger! XD

it was pretty good,even though this is the first one i've seen out of the series. The only thing i kinda thought could be better is that crazy hand could have his fingers all.... crazy like in the game.

10/10 =D

Ignore the non-believers!

Keep going with the series, man! Ignore all the folk who say this is crap! It's freakin' awesome!

not as good as the others of the series

dude this could really be improved like bowser for one part he's on the good side then sonic saves him then he turns giga bowser and is bad ,you could of kinda explained why or unless in the next one you will but anyway it was awsome!!!!!

I would have to say

that this series is one of my favorites of all time.
I love the whole smash bro idea
how you use sound from the game and how the stage sorta looked like the zelda castle.
I dont really care about the spelling because I got the idea of what you were saying so it really didnt matter.
Amazing and i cant wait for the next one.

Not to bad, but needs to improve

Ok, mexican guy. Since you say English's not your language, I'll use spanish.

Entonces... veamos.

El "sprite" de giga bowser no esta especialmente bien animado, ni diseñado, y, en general, destaca un poco demasiado como pobre en comparacion con el resto de los demas sprites. Definitivamente, ese es un sprite que deberias mejorar.

El uso de los temas musicales no es todo lo optimo que cabria esperar. Si bien hay puntos buenos, como el uso del tema de Bleach cuando Mario es transportado, el resto de la animacion... bueno, digamos que los temas no encajan bien.

Los ataques de "energia"... bueno, de alguna forma deberian estar mas pulidos. quizas eliminarles un poco el pizelado, o aplicarlos como filtros de luz hechos con photoshop. Quizas eso ayudase bastante.

El flash tiene puntos buenos. El movimiento es bastante fluido, la historia no esta mal, la acion es continua (para quienes disfruten de la accion es un punto bueno, supongo), y.. bueno, escapa un poco del ya cansino Mario vs Sonic.

En general, si cuidas los puntos que he mendcionado antes (giga bowser, musica y ataques de "energia") y continuas con una historia interesante, este puede convertirse en un gran flash.

Sigue asi, y no te preocupes por la gramatica... En caso de duda, hazlo en español, y que se fastidien los angloparlantes.

a bit above average over other sprite movies

Alright things that you need to work on. I have read you beastly long authors comments so I imagine I won't be one of your prefered reviewer critics. Eventhough you can't edit you movie, because you lost you fla. file, spelling mistakes and grammar errors really take down the quality of your flash a couple notches. Since you can't fix it I didn't base any of my review points on that. I HIGHLY suggest you get a writer for your flash series because you seem to be spanish so it will improve the quality of the overall flash greatly. Not to nag or anything but this is an english website so more people will be picky with things like that. Aside from that the animation itself was pretty good. Nice use of sprite work and pretty good fighting sequences. Only thing I suggest is bumping up your frame rate it will really improve the quality. I'm a DBZ fan so I guess fast paced fighting is up my ally but you can still make it SSB themed. As for storyline just keep doing what your doing and I'm sure we'll see the rest of your flash movies make the front page so gj and good luck on your future projects!


That Was Awesome

Dude, seen your fist few ones, and you kick ass man. I aint gonna be like some of these jackasses who are bustin your chops about your grammar, think they need to go back to school and learn how to read. Anyways man, Very Good Series, I would reccomend it to be part of the smash bros. collection. You got some talent. Anyone who disagrees, I dont have to tell you where you can go, why dont you make a flash movie and turn it in, then the rest of us, includin Sanchez, can burn your ass. Anyways man, keep up the good work, cant wait for the next episode. 10/10.


i'll just give u 10 for tat
-super duper guys

Vudo Out~

sweet stuff

this reminds me alot of mario bros Z . can't wait for for your next flash


I loved the fight. Poor yoshi and link though. May sonic,snake,mario avenge them.


You are sprite master. l love you.

good job

i liked it alot and yur just doing want u want and making a video and i respect that the graphics r good and i liked the story line

this house is frekin sweet

very cool i like how the damage radio works and good story overall a 6/10

whats wrong with them?

First off, whats wrong with chaos 967? before you start talking bullshit about this, make sure that that bad of a movie, but instead of being a jackass and pretending to be tough, (i have no idea but dont start saying you bench 300 or something and can beat me up) just dont write a fucking reveiw.i mean shit, if youre that bored to write that much about one flash that someone made, you really need to find somethnig else to do.

The flash was exciting and had alot of creativeness in it, and i personally think it was really good. as other people said, the grammar could really improve this, and my other complaint is the giga bowser... it just didnt look very good, it looked a bit blurry and messy. use more grammar and please tell me how to get the secret lol!... nice job, 8/10 for bad grammar, bad giga bowser and no hint for secrets (sorry, man im an ass like that )

was good

was good.. adventure mode gone mad in my opinion ;p
btw there was only afew things you could of fixed up graphics wise.. but.. its all good.. i liked it.


I don't understand how so many people can trash your work. Its AWESOME! I always thought that no one could rival Alvin Earthworm's Super Mario Bros. Z, but this is just as good, almost better. (I don't mean that in a bad way at all.)

Super Smash bros ST 5

No redeeming qualities. Learn grammar please.


I liked the movie even though it would be better with voice overs instead of subtitles.
And lol at the bleach reference in the end of this episode.


you. below me. LICK ME!!!! GTFO IF YOUR GONNA BE A DOUCHE!!!!! anyhoo, nice...scratch that, VERY nice vid! yoshis eyes when dk was turned into a trophy, hilarious! all in all, you obviously earned that second place spot! NiceJob!

Hey Hey, nicely done.

I for one. don't like sprites, with many sprite flashes iv'e seen in the past they have always been overly dramatic and not very well planned out, in recent days iv'e seen better ones with better comedy and/or plot.

Animation: i will say is good, only because it was smooth and was jumping around and zooming in and out ALL THE TIME! but it wasn't originally drawn (which i won't hold against you).

Audio: The fight sequences and sounds (such as the sonic intro "Yeah" or whatever it was) were clear, but at times annoying (Due to the sharp " Iv'e taken a hit sound" )

Comedy/Drama: Serious flash animations are not hard to find, a good one is let alone a sprite style, this, i will give you, is one of those rare beauties.

Keep up your good work and listen to the fans comments.


I understand that you have trouble with your English, but knowing that, you should at least double check that your word order is correct and that the spelling is right. The visuals alone being great and creative isn't enough. if you care enough about what people say and your animation being good and people praising you, you should REALLY want to improve your flash instead of just putting it out how it is. and since you said you aren't the one translating it, you should tell whoever is to check it, too. if you want the rest of the series in a different language, that's your choice. though it might be unfair to those who never "flamed" or wrote a review in bad tast about your flash. If I were you, I'd make two versions, English and Spanish. I will say that the story sometimes is kind of hard to follow, and close ups of sprites might hurt some peoples eyes, or they struggle to see what it is. it doesn't have the same effect a close up of a regular person or normal cartoon might have, and if its done too much, could be annoying. I hope you take this review into consideration when making another, and try to keep in mind that if your flash and was THAT horrible, they'd be voted off a long time ago.

Nicely done

I myself thought that this was very entertaining, and I really liked it. Usually when I watch a movie made with sprites I assume that it will not be that good, but this one proved me wrong, well done.

Not quite up to scratch

Dont worry about the spelling criticisms I understand that its hard to write in another language but to be honest the animation just isn't gripping its a bit like mario bros z but not
Work on it though
Thats all you need to do

No, I'm not recommending this.

It doesn't deserve it. The spelling made me cry. In a public place. No, please god, no! Read and spellcheck your work before you EVER submit EVER again. I hate this whole series. First of all, In the description, I was turned off by the sweeping generalizations you made on reviewers. That's unfair to Newgrounds members in general. Secondly, from the START, the spelling made me weep. Thirdly, This storyline is less creative than anything, and isn't related to Super Smash Bros. In the least. I'm not spamming, either, don't pull that crap on me. This review is full of good content, not spammy OMGOMGOMGITSUXXXXXLOL bullcrap. On another note, you say the text was not made by you, and next time it will be spanish. Dear god, you're the ONLY one who is on the authors list. That's all I have to say on this flash video, thank you for your time. Please reply if you can, I'd be glad to critique and suggest improvements on your future movies, if you find that to be a useful thing for someone to do for you. Thombom1931, over and out.

Necesitas un poco de ayuda con el lenguaje

Esta muy bien el flash , pero el ingles esta algo mal, si nesecitas ayuda con eso, yo te puedo ayudar ya que domino el ingles. Saludos

Y esto va para los que se quejan de el idioma: traten de hacer una pelicula flash que este perfectamente hablada en español. ES DIFICIL

English: The flash is awesome but you need some help with the english texts, if you need help, i can do it, actually i can spell english very well with just a few errors.

An this is for those who are blamming this flash: try to make a flash movie in spanish or other idiom. ITS VERY DIFFICULT


well the spelling first of all was horrible. go take some engerish classes.
Second of all was the fact that you made Snake a GOD DAMN FUCKING PUSSY! What the hell? him saying something is unfair? You should also fix the close ups of the sprites! We hell dont want to see the huge ass sprites in single but 20 pixel pixels xP.Also to another one of my points is snakes sprite ~ i found it very obsurd and colorless. and also THE TEXT WAS NOT MADE BY ME NEXT TIME ITS GONA BE SPANISH AND I WILL BE WAITING YOUR REVIEW! that?????? WHY DIDNT U READ OVER THE TEXT BEFORE SUBMITTING IT LOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOL nubfry..... Whatever


I loved the fact that you used percentages/hp at the bottom of the screen! =D
The fighting was awesome, but why did bowser join the ranks of the evil dudes? When giga bowser first appeared I though "Hell yeah! The master hand doesn't stand a chance!"...looks like I was badly mistaken =(

Maybe it could have been a bit longer though =)


it was really seriously good,but it was a bit too short:(

Pretty good.

I must say, you've improved greatly from the first part. The grammar still needs some work, but overall you did a great job!

Show me more soon, 4/5~

Pretty good.

10/10 that's for sure. I can't wait for more of them. :D


cant wait for the next one, also isn't it weird how people who say oh the animation was rubbish and all that stuff have NO flash submissions.

Not bad.

Mildly entertaining, decent story, good sprite work, the only point I see it failing in is the lack of creativity. Theres a full stage to work with, but everything you've shown here consists of only the top level. Use the rest of the maps too, and give them some weaponry. THATS what always made smash brothers kick. Beam swords, lazer guns, all that jazz.


nice job cant wait 2 c what happens


Does your school teach English?

I liked this yeh

THis went along nicely with the story cant wait for the next chaptner


well, i thought ut was grate ooverall, i know how time consuming sprite animation is and thst why i animat normaly, but that bowzer sprite, wtf, it was really layzy-only the bowzer one) i would have liked it for bowzer to have animated more

It's just great

and that's all there is to say, people who think it sucked, or say the animation was lazy... well they should try making something like this themselves, then they'll see.

Good story line.

LOL at Bleach music though.


The animation was lazy, the dialogue cringe-worthy, and the sounds really annoying.

It was also very predictable and not enjoyable at all.


I decided to watch all of the ones you have out so far before rating. I like the way you exaggerate the power of all the characters, because it makes a better show. My only complaints are of the beginning few episodes, I think that the way you have a different kind of sprite for D.K. makes the rest of the graphics look kind of bad. But I guess you couldn't find a better sprite? My other complaints are only spelling and grammar, and the fact that in some parts of the earlier episodes you can't see all the text. Other than that, I'm liking the storyline, and the fights are great. The fact that I know there will be many more characters in the series also helps my anticipation for the next episode. Keep up the good work.

Pretty good

I liked the hands fighting the characters animation. Giga Bowser sort of needs some more work though, namely better shading and more poses. I'd like to see some more creative attacks done by the hands. Keep working at it, you can only get better. ;)


- one thing that really bothered me was the missing punctuation. add that in, and you've got 11/10


that was very cool


that was pretty nice, was waiting for this one xD

Awesome but...

there was one thing that made me laugh it was the mario snake and M.A and C.A because it was like BUMMBUMMBUMBUNA MWAHAHAH BUMHAMBUMHAHAHBUM!

Great series

I really love this series, but i would like to say why it didnt get the full 10/10 No offense, but there are a lot of typos in the movie. Just watch you spelling.

Example: tought is not correct, thought is how it is spelled.

Great series, im just saying, watch the spelling a little closer and you will get the full 10/10 next time =)


This was just awsome who would dare insult this series it even got front page, to bad there were'nt any voices though.

Hell Yeah

I loved this video!


i find it really neat how u just dident make the hands and giga bowser destroy them so badly and how they got better but thigs turn around. like how u also made some of the good guys lose not all of them stay alive cause that would be kinda crap but overall thats a 10/10 and a 5/5 nice job

Esta bien.. pero..

Hazla en español, soy de México, y creo que tu historia sería mejor en tu lengua nativa, puedes hacerla en español y que alguien la traduzca en el mismo archivo, así como en Evil Rebelion, así no perdería tu estilo y si hay algun error ortográfico podría checarlo. Ah... y ademas, si vas a hacer hablar a los personajes, intenta usar voces, al menos una caracteriztica cada que hablan, ya que leer tanto texto vuelve algo aburrida la historia.

Espero que te parezca bien esto.

This is truly awsome!

SHAME on those who rated LOW to this flash... SHAAAAME!

Good...Very Good...

Okay, I only have a min to type this.
It was a very well thought out flash working. Defently one of the better sprite movies I've seen so far on Newgrounds. Great work and I can't wait for number six. ((Yes, I skipped the other 4, but I got the idea from the plot that was given.))


it was good but i think you could of done better on the giga bowser sprite, i also did not like how the whole fight was so long and it kinda detracted from the story.But over all i think u did good i mean it probly not a walk in the park making thses and its not easy with all those haters but ya kno u did good and theres always gonna b some one whos gonna mess with ya thats waht comes with bing a great flash maker!any way good flash and jus try 2 improve on the stuff i mentoid b 4 ok? thanks God bless!


dude that was cool

did any one notice that .....

Is it just me or are you a snake fan how come he only got 2% worth of damage done to him but .... other then that THAT WAS SO_________ AWSOME.( fill in the blank)


that was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!! when will six come out?


i find it funny how people watch videos just to have a reason to complain at someone for no good reason. i also find it funny how its gotten so bad that u had to write a huge description telling ppl to not be a fag. well i think u do a great job on ur work. i also agree that snake is tht good where he has no damage for the whole thing. one question though.. any estimate on how long this series will be? i wanna see how ur gonna end it.


It was great, I like the originality

It's really good....

but what happened to the other characters? Will the next one tell us were they all went? And Samus, wasn't she like right there when the battle started??? Where'd she go during all of that?

this was good

the whole thing was a good idea but i give u credit on the boswer drawing but i don't think it fit in with the other characters if u wanted why did u not use another sprite of boswer and alter the coloring on him to make him look different. other than that it was good


it was even better than part4. Funnier and the storyline ok even though it feels kinda hollow if you never played SSMB in your life :D awesome music as usual and the fighting was tight. I noticed snake pretty much never gets hit XD Forget what the haters say you do what you do. B/c haters are what make you shine =D good flash good flash


ok that was really epic.

front page! thats awesome dude.

great job

one of the best smash flashes in a while

i like it

just one thing you need to look at the scene select the button to go back to the menu always showed up in the bottom corner which made the scene names over lap it can you fix it please

It was pretty good.

I had a feeling that the fighting got a little too repetitive and that there was no enough "yiff" on the storyline.What I mean is that maybe you can make the story a little bit more intresting.

Nothing bad but nothing outstanding.

I say your next installment try to make it more of your own flavor. Make it standout.

Nothing Special :-\

It was pretty boring to me. Some parts were kinda cool, but overall I feel this video is a waste of time. And there were some spelling errors in the video which could have easily be corrected. You can use Google, and a dictionary to spell check.

It's good but,

My personal opinion -- which is worth nothing -- is that Master and Crazy Hand don't talk like a pair of uneducated bullies. "No way, I wanna have some more fun!" and "C'mon, I just wanna play a little longer!" doesn't fit them. They are like gods basically. They should talk more sophisticated. And I don't know if there is not a sprite for crazy hand, but seeing two right hands on the "field" messed with me; I couldn't determine which one was attacking and being attacked. And I must mention the grammatical errors.


I dig the sprites, especially Giga Bowser. The story is well-thought out, and the plot seems to thicken with each addition to your series. Take my opinions however you want, but don't do any less than what you've done so far.

Sonic rules this school

How do i get the extra menu?
Nice flash anyways

Well I liked it

The Giga sprite wasn't up to standard, and the damage scale is nothing like smash bros. I would have liked it to have been a bit longer. Overall though, I'm a sucker for a good sprite fight, and this one delivers.


that was ok

It's getting better.

I think you did a pretty good job with this flash. I think it could be better in many way but still it was good. The only real bad sprite were the giga bowser, which were poorly made. As for the sound, I dont know if it's good or bad because my speakers to my CP broke so I have no sound. With each submission you get better so keep up the good work.

But I think too many peopl under rate this. They have to realize that this is just a thing you probibly made for fun and in your free time. And to those who have given this a bad review, I haven't seen any one of you contribute to newground. Yet you judge this as if you could make a flash movie any better. Some just try and discourage the author just because they don't like it. So I'm just saying either you give the aurthor constructive review telling him what he need to fix, or not post at all.

This is just plain great

It must stink to have such a good flash be spammed and flamed.....well, anyway, this was really good, the sound is great, the animation is smooth, 5 outta 5, 10 outta 10

whoa but where were did snake come from?

awsome! pretty cool make a nother!


hmmmmm its great but you kinda left us in the dark.what happened to the others? I mean in the previous one you always gave us a new characters situation to look at.like the 4th one were samushad been fighting master hand before the others got there.


That was amazing. All the sound effects from XIAO XIAO were really cool, and you gave sonic DBZ sound effects!!! That was really good. I definitely did not expect to hear bleach music at the end. Really good. I give you a 10 out of 10 for awesome sound effects animation/action and music!

cool make a game super smash flash 2

i like how they work together when mario hold the master hand and link hit it

Awsome 10\10

awsome 10\10...you should try to make a game out of this!!!!!!!!1

pretty good

overall it was great and i like the cliff hanger at the end. i liked the pong scene.
the only major complaint i have is the talking. the things the characters say seem out of character, mainly yoshi... he cant speak yet in this he is speaking rather fluently. other than that its just things that the characters would word differently, and things that would sound more natural coming from a different character


Now THAT was an upgrade for fights!Just simply awesome can't stop watching,but now I'm going to play Mario Kart Wii....


Well, where can I start? Overall, I found that the movie turned out pretty good. The animation really wasn't too bad. The storyline seems to be progressing quite well. Also, the whole deal about the language means absolutely nothing to me. Just becasue there were a few mispelled words doesn't mean the entire movie is ruined. The only thing that really got me is that there really was not much progress made during the fight scenes. Of course, a few things did change. But what can I say, it wasn't too bad. I'll be keeping an eye out #6, and keep up the good work.


Cool fighting and sound effects. I wanna see the rest of it too. And it really seems like brawl.

love it

i realy like the bleach songs at the end




The fight scenes were pretty bad ass but dialog could be much better, maybe not use it in your next series
I know good sprites are pretty scarce ( trust me Id know) but a few of them could be alot better (mainly Giga Bowser and Mario)
just throwing this out there


I lyked this alot, the fighting was cool, the sprites were cool, and solid snake didn't get hurt at all!!! FKIN SWEET!!!


It was awesome! Only a little short... but I liked it!!


best one yet i watched it a few times nice use of sprites. cant w8 4 pt 6

It was alright

I thought this movie was fairly mediocre, and I thought it was overall cliche (I'm so sick of sprites, everyone does them nowadays). I'm a spelling Nazi, so yeah, the dialog sucked. Get someone to proof-read your work next time if you can't do it yourself. Hell, even if you overlook the spelling mistakes the dialog still blows. Animation was good, sound was fine, but again, nothing new with either of them.

I love the Smash Bros. series, but like sprites, it gets boring after a while. Be more original next time.

Very entertaining!

I'dfirstlike to say, don't listen to the newgrounds idiots. Someof them are just jerks.

So,I thought the movie was great. I've watched all five now, and don't have very many complaints. Theonly one, actually, is (and this is because I'm an English freak, so please don't take offense) grammar issues, and that's it. ButI can tell that you tried very hard on the movie.

I'm just learning flash myself - I've only submitted one movie- and I know how hard it is to make them. This one obviously took time, especially with the really coolpanning-around effects.

And the storyline is very engaging! I'manxious to see what happens next to our heros!

Don't stop making themmovies!

That was beautiful...


Very nice!

Very good plot I like how master hand and crazy hand are just "playing around"
of course we still have tabuu to deal with witch will be awsome (if i spelled that right)
can't wait till episode 6 hoply soon!


i thought i was very good keep up the work i cant wait for ep 6

Wow... you've given me so much inspiration...

Man, I wish I could make good sprite flashes... I can't make stuff as good as that.


this is a very good flash (despite grammar and spelling errors) but i believe you are being unfair with the reviews. first off, steriotyping reviews like that is just........i cant think of an adjective. secondly, SCREAMING in your author's comment is just..well...MEAN. you keep calling all the flamers here ***holes. but your the biggest one. threatening everyone with part 6 in spanish shows you do not care about ethics and telling people they cant leave negative comments is....again no adjective for it. the NG motto is Everything. By Everyone. that INCLUDES reviews. the motto isnt: Everything. By everyone. except for the people that i don't like.

extra Decentness

I don't know what Anti- Theory was talkin about, but you got potentia kid and I wanna see more of that



Ok, well first of all, I love SSBB. This movie is entertaining, it is like DBZ, and the animations were solid. The music fit well, but some of the sounds were cheesy. (I'm SONIC!) Also, the dialog was cheesy, and there was poor grammar. Tu primero lingua es espanol, si?

It sucked. Kidding. Keep it up, relax a bit, and make another.

Part 6 in spanish would be hilarious

First off, I wanted to say that your work is good and doesnt really deserve any of the negative flaming that most people may put. I have no right to put it down in any way because I have extremely little experience with any flash animations. Even in comparison to other sprite flashes its very well done. Everyone uses the same sprites regardless so there are no negative points on that. Also, most others use the pre-drawn backgounds and such, but most anything in the SSB world isnt 2D and pixelated so you do get credit for your own work that has been put in. As far as the grammar, not the greatest, BUT I cant really say that it is your doing since you clearly stated that you had another translate. Although its a negative, its a minor one seeing how I still got the idea without having to reread anything. Plus I think it would be great if part 6 was in spanish, simply because everyone would get pissed that they couldnt read it despite the fact that you can get a clear story plotline from just watching it.


pretty good!!! :D
unfortunately ever since Super Mario Bros Z ep 6 came out, i just cant make an unbiased review. Sorry. Alvin Earthworm has spoiled me (and alot of us).
But never the less, i enjoyed it! the music needs a little bit of work, along with the dialog, but other than that it was a Great Flash 9/10.
please don't rate this as negative just because i mentioned SMBZ!!!


Can u please hurry a bit though? Overall good but i had and idea that that box had a smash ball.lots of em

A much series.

In my mind, this moive has a lot of good and bad points. But overall, it was a much better improvement from your last film, for sure. I can totally agree that this was probably one of the better break-away SSBB flashes, yet. Keep up the good work! I too, want to see what happens to Mario next.


Can't go on... grammar and spelling... too poor.

I didn't watch the whole thing, because honsetly I didn't find it very entertaining. I can say with some certianty that this flash doesn't deserve a 10/10 based on the first few minutes. People out there who are flagging this flash 10 need to start rating flashed for it's actual merit and not just the content (in this case, sugar-hyped SSBB fantards).

Please, fix your typing errors in future works. It wouldn't bother me so much if the characters had voice actors, but we have to read the lines to understand what's going on. If English isn't your native language, have someone who does speak it do a spellcheck for you. Heck, just run it through MS Word and use the auto spellchecker, nobody would know the difference... If you are a native English speaker, god help us all.


And so the plot of the saga of Nintendo's hero's thickens!


can't wait to see the next one. i wanna know what happens to mario.

freakin awsome

dude that is wat i'm talkin bout but that part when giga bowser stomped on mario fraekin harsh but pretty awsome with the whole fight tell all of ur wonderful fans when number 6 comin on this review cause my mom put parental control on my comp



Simply unbelievable. the animation was great!!!
That pong thing with Sonic was really funny!! :D


dude if u need to vent like that then u are listening to the negative reviews to much, i loved the toon though and im wanting to see the next freakin thing. shouldve wrote a estimate of wen it might be finished


great jod


One of the better sprite movies I've seen in a while so good job. The way you made the fight like the actual game was cool to.

very good.

l love the sounds
the fighting
and how you you use some little bit of King of fighters fighting stile

pretty good

it was pretty darn good. thought it was pretty funny how Link and Yoshi got pwned. keep up the good work.

some how short

to me it felt short but still good>:D good luck on you work!

i feel it a 5/5 10/10 =D

it starting to pick up and that great. ive been watch from the start and i didnt think you be able make it to what it is now so all in all im makeing this short and sweet "keep up the good work" there always going to be room to make something better but your sure
on the right road to makeing it great and too people to post
this (copy and pasted)


1st off SMBZ has up the game of makeing sprites movies so yea to make most good sprite movies you have to follow a base line of it but this isnt a rip off people!

2nd premade sprites- half of the people that post this dont make movie or do they care to try and if your so skilled at makeing sprites then that great but dont bump a movie for this
and dont post thing about stole sprites unless your 100% someone has used them without the creator permission

3rd DBZ nerd?! how is e104joker a DBZ nerd this isnt like all the sprites are going useing like blast from there hand and flying most then clost to flying when the mario or someone jump in the air high

srry for makeing this so long but i just my self after reading the points ppl made about your flash i had to put that (everyone can flame me all they want idc just show your upset i pointed out your flaws)


This is pretty good i have enjoyed the series and this is a nice addition to it and look forward to the next one but i just have one question how do you unlock the extras part?

not bad not bad

i think giga bowser saw a bit over board

no offense


It was kinda boring and just a little confusing up until the true speed of sound scene, the it really picked up. so if there's gonna be another video i'll look forward to it. lol to the bleach music btw.


except i don't know how to unlock the extras

Another over-the-top sprite flash

I'd just like to clear up 3 simple things before I actually write this review:

1.The reason I don't like premade sprites is because they aren't your own work. You probably didn't tell the creator of the sprites you were using them, and you didn't add your own personal touch to the sprites either. Because of this, it blends in with most other sprite flash.

2.Sprite movies are very popular, and since this is also a smash bros. flash, people can be expected to automatically give it a great score, without considering any problems. Don't get me wrong, I like smash bros, and I'm no noob at brawl, but flash like this tend to bring in noobs by the thousands.

3.I am not trying to flame your flash, there are some parts I did like, but there were many parts that I did not. Please do not take my review the wrong way.

A lot of this flash just doesn't make sense. Most of the things here either aren't in brawl, and are more DBZ related (Flying in the air, even though the character can't actually fly). The grammar isn't perfect, but it is an improvement from the previous episodes.

Most of the characters feel like they have the same personality to them (they all talk the same way). In addition, they're usually just pointing out the obvious, filling the flash with unneeded dialouge.

The animation is pretty good, no complaints.
Graphics are pretty good, except for giga bowser. Terrible sprite. Most of the sprites are premade.

The sound quality is pretty good, it's mostly just explosions and small clips of voices from characters, though.

A lot of effects (such as "charging") are overused and don't really fit in brawl. The box was a disappointment, since it was an opportunity for the smash ball or some life-saving item to pop out.

A weird thing i noticed is that at times the battle looked one-sided (favoring master hand, and then suddenly the characters just started kicking ass. Then, of course, master hand went back to dominating. It doesn't look like the characters have much of a chance unless they get a smash ball or something, and, as i said before, the box was a perfect chance to stick it in there.

About half of the flash seems like filler, because of effects being overused, or useless dialouge. The battle is just characters fighting, no side has either huge weapon or side-turner, they're just fighting. This makes most of the flash fairly boring.

Overall, this is a pretty good flash, but there isn't much that keeps it from standing out among all the other brawl and sprite flash out there. Add your own touches, and make the battles actually make sense. (For example, give snake his weapons. I'm pretty sure at least one of the characters can do something other than punching and kicking.)

Alright but went alittle over board.

I liked the movie i thought it was great. I personally couldnt care less if you use premade sprites or any other crap that other people would complain about. But my only complaints are the trophy thing and the bleach like ending. I found that it seemed like the trophy thing was just kinda thrown in because it's in the game. The ending with the bleach music and weird bleach like theme didnt really seem to match the rest of the movie. So it wasnt bad but it was alittle over the top in changes and twists in the plot.

done before...

I'm not a sprite nazi or anything, but this gave off a kind of ... really cliche feeling. Its like a mix of about 12 other sprite movies, and the results aren't really that good.

Also, Giga bowser seems to be made out of some sort of immobile metal, since he hardly moved at all haha.

If you desperately want to stick with sprites, I'd reccomend looking at VGDC stuff. Randy Solem may steal art, but at least he did it with pizazz.

Good points: Smash is cool, the energy bars were a nice touch, sprites were generally nice-looking, 'modern' ones

Bad points: Sound was annoying, seen it all before, bad dialogue, completely static Bowser graphic, yadda yadda yadda.

<deleted> responds:

i disagree with you that this was done before since there is not another smash bros serie like this one,
i agree the sound was not so good, but my news post can explain that for me
and i disagree its a mix of 12 firent sprite movies
maybe animes yeah but sprite movies?
you are a good animator
i know your work
so i think that your expirience is good for soem advice

very very good

I think this was ur very best
if some pepole dont think so thay can !@#$ them slef

not bd, not bd at all

as good as ssb dt4 but i sy the older version was just better but still this pwnz ass! keep up the good work in future

Listen man...

Okay, the movie was well done, good use of premade sprites, except that as VashTheVamp said in his review (two bellow mine) you made Sonic's name as the fastest creature in the world into the slowest. Sonic is based on quick, and swift attacks, like Hit-And-Run style.

Also, keep some more realism to the SSB series, add items, keep in mind that the more damage you take, your chary begins "fliying" when hit.
Okay, DBZ was like the best show ever, but haven't you flashers exploited the show enough?
I mean, there are some awesome flashes out there like Super Mario Bros Z, but sometimes the public wants some new stuff, I know it's hard to find soemthing new that won't get you bombed with crappy reviews, but experiment, you might even start a new flash-trend!

So just take this as a recommendation and not as another comment that raped your movie, and flash makers that attack you need to remember where the hell they started, honestly.
Good flash, needs a little tweaking around, 7 stars.

i really liked this

pretty good but how do u unlock the bonus thing


...but not perfect Iv watched all the others before and this isnt your best one, i didnt like the giga bowser sprite, but the rest was fine, there are some animation issues, ubt you will imporve those im sure in the next one, before you say "Actualy you are just geting manupilated", I am not this is my opinion score doesnt count for everything you know, read the reviews and deal with your critics.

Everything makes sense...

so, the hyrule stage on the brawl and melee is created by the destrution of master hand, crazy hand, and giga bowser, good idea and try to improve the giga bowser sprite, it looks ok but you can do it better, anyway nice movie

This is the own all movie.

This was incredibly amazing, infact awesome at least.

Those other people are idiots who hate Super Smash Bros. and don't know what their saying. They obviously don't like sprite animations. Nicolesgw and IT'S lame followers are all sick in the head. Of course this won't get deleted. If everybody used their own sprites then every single flash would be hard to follow. Who doesn't like random intense fighting? That is what SSBB is all about! [They obviously didn't think that through at all.] For Giga Bowser, he looked okay but nobody can really draw Giga Bowser in the first place. >.<

This was simply awe inspiring. The rest of the series was about the same. You should really continue making animations for you are really good at them. You really capture the intensity and power of Super Smash Bros.

No, I didn't vote 10 because I am absolutely obsessed with SSBB. I am not a fanboy who votes 10 on everything either. This was as good as they come and I feel proud to give it a high rating. Power to you!

good not great

First off those giga bowser sprites were cheap but since there are no other ones around ill overlook that now the fight things were okay but the dialogue sucked, animation was great and you should really update the sprites...... not as good as ST 4.

More Dragon ball z Than actuall Super Smash Bros

After the first four this is just like the same flash over and over. I have smash bros brawl and last time i checked it takes a simple 100% to actually knock someone off the stage. Although you place these percentages like health since these characters don't even fly what so ever. I am highly disappointed that you would script Sonic the wrong way. I am an extreme fan of Sonic but without Sonic's Speed and Attitude you have nothing but a picture. You made him run extremely slow and honestly make some characters FLY when they get hurt, add some items, and not some dragon ball z fight. Could make it more like a Super Smash Bros Brawl game. You have to ability to animate and if you weren't in your own mix between super powers and character abilities, fans from all over would have loved this, premade sprites or not! So stars for your effort.

For those of you who bag on this guy about his premade sprites and what not, just make a movie half as good so you don't look like an ass. Again this is a pretty decent flash, if you replace all our beloved characters with sticks.

Just horribly bad.

The animation was off, the characters talked not like they would usually talk. I mean, Link doesn't talk, and you made YOSHI talk! And your spelling is bad. How did this get front page? Just a knockoff the subspace emmisary story and Super mario broz Z. Oh by the way, the music was muffled too

\./ !!!!!

I hate ppl who hte premade sprites! I LIKE THEM SO GTFO MAH INTERNETS NERDS. Also i agree with the rest mostly of what one man army said so 6

it was the best yet

oh, and to Nicolesgw, you are picky. REALY picky, i think you should die.

this flash was great because it was great not because it was super smash bros.

so i hope you know now.

to the auther: this flash was amazing.

"no bad"

I agree with nicolesgw.

so awful

this movie lacks everything that makes a movie good:
old, premade sprites, the fight scenes weren't new, original, or even good.
same stuff over and over, awful script and grammer, like if your not english hire someone to translate for you or something. awful effects, awful in general

I'm sick and tired of little anime nerds giving bad movies like this high ratings, rate something on its content for once guys, not on the fact that OMGZ MARIOS N SONIX LOLZ AWESOME 10/10 <3 MAKE MORE.

this will prolly get deleted soon so i hope some people can c that this movie is terrible and not to waste their time watching half of it like i did

Dude what happened?

ST4 was just awsome and this was too don't get me wrong but it was just animated, sorry to say this, poorly try to make the other episodes like ST4.

Lame and badly made

90% of the flash were premade sprites, sprites that you have used, probably without even asking for permission. The movie was really boring and slow paced most of the time, the fight looked like a huge tweenfest. When the characters jumped, they were in their idle position floating up into the air, sonic was the only character who had some kind of jumping animation. The Giga Bowser, which I assume you drew on your own, looked extremely horrible. I'm not sure if it was actually the drawing that looked horrible or if it was the fact that you put a stupid inner glow filter in it, a filter that wasn't used at all. You should try to animate and draw the next part of the series all by yourself, the score would be by far better. I advice you to do something more original though. You've got this ridiculously high score because it's Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Nintendo/Sega related.

I really liked the effects of the movie though. Was the movie completely made in flash or did you use After Effects or Photoshop for the electricity animations for example? It looked like After Effects.

One star for quantity, it's not worth a lot and one star for the effects that didn't really save the movie either.

Now this is just my opinion, I hope you aren't as much of an asshole as the guy who made the Tutorial Collab '08 and respond with something like "You're picky".

Great, but...

The flash itself is amazing. However...man is the dialogue terrible. This flash is obviously part of a storyline, and in a good flash story, characterization is just as important as the ass-kicking (which you do well). So just work on what each of the characters have to say a little more and your ratings will go up.

awsome best

awsome hurry up with the next plz!


Super sonic might have been nice!

Mabee next time?

Excellent flash, but some flaws get in your way.

I'm not saying this is a bad flash, by the contrary, I think it is a very good one, especially in the plot (which is really good) and animation deaprtaments. However, there are flaws that could have been polished, even a little and in my opinion are the only setback for this animation:

1-The storytelling is too quick. Some parts happen too quick and then it's hard to make sense of what is going on, or don't give the viewer too much time to appreciate, especially in the fighting scenes. Also, you don't make use of cameramotion (for example, at a point there were 3 or 4 fighters in a same frame, and one of them performed a "shiny" technique. This was almost unnoticable because you didn't emphazise that moment too much, and it happened too quick )

2- There are some spelling mistakes. Ok, i understand that you are not a native english speaker (I am not one either, in fact I am a Spanish speaker like you) and that writing an entire flash on a foreign language is hard, so just ask a guy that speaks very good English and Spanish and problem solved.

Correct these two aspects and your series will rise, no matter how much sprite-haters bitch at it. But I'm not just going to criticize this flash. In fact it has some good qualities that are hard to find, like:

-A solid plot. This is an extremely good aspect, and hard to find, too. I'm not speaking about how the story is told, i'm talking about your ability at creating a plot in your head. Just improve story telling a little

-Nice animation. Just a little polishing needed. (practice makes perfect)

You could contact me to translate the script from Spanish to English. I'd be glad to help.

Very cool.

When I first started watching this series, I was severely unimpressed. But this episode made up for it. You have some talent in Flash my friend. The only beef I have is your story telling and grammar. PLEASE, fix that in the next episode. I can't stand it....


why do ppl bitch about sprites? and the story telling is, i admit a little off and the fact you gotta read it kinda quick, ever thought about gettin some voice actors?

back to school?

ok so there was grammer error's but cmon we arnt all perfect good movie ill give you a 9

What is this obsession with spritanising SSBB?

Didn't do it for me at all, unoriginal and kind of shoddy in places. Try something different next time.

Back to school

I would have continued the series, but your spelling and story telling is so bad.

Good work, but you really need to have someone read this stuff over before you put it out.

Good Stuff

Great fight scenes, some spelling errors, but that happens. You really did it for me with the Bleach music, and my favorite song at that. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Its great but...

Its a great movie, its well made and you even had custom sprites... however... i do not really like that you give speaking roles to characters that isn't supposed to really "speak"... which is the reason i get freaked out every time i see Yoshi speak...


I can't for the next one. How many more will there be?

awesome work

this was a great movie compared to the first two you have improved and i look forward to the rest of the series

that was masterfully awesome!!

really dude i can't wait for the next!!

i give u a 10

i give u a 10 becase this one was much better then the fist two :)

that was good

no offense but youre first 2 were pretty rubbish wiv really bad special effects kinda stuff.

but youre definetly getting ALOT better and it is really gd now so keep at it

Needs work

First thing: love the use of Bleach's soundtrack

But this needs a lot of work. The DBZ fight scene is so over-done that every time i see a spinning kick combo i almost vomit. You CAN do much better.

good god

another DBZ influenced sprite movie
though "giga bowser" looks custom made, it's still a sprite movie, and it's all about fighting, which is getting very old, very quick.
and it's not tought
it's spelled thought
i think a 16 year old would know that

"-This was made for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only ,so love it or hate it ;)"

it's a damn sprite movie


I dont care what these other people are sayin... This flash is great. I love the SMBZ fight style and you did a superb job makin a really good smash bros fight scene with the same idea. It may not have been original or anything like that but it still doesnt take away from the overall piece.

Its okay

I mean the animation isn't all that great at all, and this whole SSB saga you have going on is getting really boring really fast. You have the tools necessary to make something better, so take advantage of your talent and create something great. Kikoshou really laid it out there in terms of what I was thinking exactly, and I believe you should take that advice very seriously. The only suggestion I can offer is to stop making these episodes and focus on something better. It's all been done before and it's not getting any prettier. I also didn't think this was Frontpage material, but this will give you a chance to perhaps really take in the advice and other reviews by members and help you grow.



tht was awesome =]

An alright attempt at an old cliche

I think you have potential, as the work here is alright, the sound is good, and you make good use of your sprites. But I have a suggestion to you, and to all current and aspiring sprite-flash creators:


Seriously, it wasn't really that cool after watching DBZ do it, and it's gotten lamer with time. I would personally love nothing more, than to just watch a character do a combo that doesn't involve a large pong style setup of attacks, bouncing them around miles of airspace. And having the use of characters "moving so fast you can't see them until they attack" is just poor animation. If everyone can move that fast, then the fight should be shown in a speed that reflects that.

Honestly, a bit of originality and some decent fight choreography would make these a lot better.

Im not sure how to explain this

Well sir you really do make a valiant effort, I know how difficult flash is and I for sure could not make what you just did. And this isn't bad but people expect a lot from a front page submission and this really isn't front page material in comparison with some past submissions.

Its just not cut out to be front page I'm not really sure how it got there but I really don't think this is front page material.

Front page should be reserved for people who create extraordinary above average things, like Adam Phillips and his little foot series, or the shock series. Those are both admirable submissions that have made the top 50 and still stand their. This is trash compared to those.

You have potential but your not on there level which is front page level. I guess you just got lucky.

ZX Hunter

nice lol

give him a break!!!

this is actually good in my opinion i like it it ranks almost next to super smash bros z which is by alvin earthworm its really good!


I really liked this, keep making more please!?

I'm sorry I'm just tired of this

Iv'e been a fan of newgrounds for years and years now, since its conception, and time and time again its the same old fanboy crap, you put ALOT of time into this I'm sure but it came out as just a tiring copy of a copy of a copy, please use whatever means possible to be creative next time. I hope to see more of your flash submissions that are NOT about hit video games, being sprites...

I can't say I enjoyed this.

I forced myself to sit through it all, though it pained me, and I came out scratching my head. I understand why lots of people like this, it's filled with easily recognizable images, and you don't have to think at all you're just bombarded with the images. Still, just because it's popular doesn't mean it's actually good.

First off, sprites are never, ever, going to be good. You can time your hits well with them, and the full extent of animating well with a sprite. Also, it's stolen artwork. I realize we're on the internet and it's the viral machine and you can get sprites easily and it'll be tolerated, but don't just settle for acceptance, strive to excel past all boundaries. Not to mention the rip-job was terribly unclean with messy outlines all over the place.

Second, the things you did draw were terribly down and horrifying to look at. As an artist myself, I was almost offended they even existed. The GigaBowser looks like a sculpture made from diarrhea, no joke.

Third, the animation was really just sloppy. Your characters were tweened all over, barely even touching the ground at all so it looked like they were weightlessly floating around. Seriously dude, I really think you need to sit down and study weight and proportion and balance. Even when characters defy the laws of gravity and such things, there needs to be a visual logic, and there wasn't. Some of your hits had passable timing, all the impacts were pretty stiff and lame, and some weren't, so it's OK there.

Fourth is the story. It's, well, ridiculous. It's like something I would hand in for English class when I was in grade 5. There was simply no creativity to it at all. The most mind numbingly generic plot I've seen since Super Smash Bros. Z, which was just taken right out of a different work anyway.

Fifth is the text. I know blah blah you lost your file and couldn't fix it. I don't care. It doesn't matter. If it isn't right, don't submit it. Simple. I don't care that you didn't make the text this review isn't about you, it's about the submission. Along with the text come the dialogue which was tiring at best. The characters would continually shout out and repeat to the audience exactly what they just saw. I don't need Mario to tell me that I saw Master Hand do some crazy move; I just witnessed it with my own eyes. I'd prefer voice acting as well, but properly executed text can be almost as interesting as voices, so it's not a huge deal when done right.

Sixth is the sound. This was fine. Not good or anything but not bad enough to detract from the flash in any significant way.

So there you have it. A pretty sub-par piece of work by my standards. I give you a 3 for the obvious time and effort that went into it, because that's really the only astonishing quality to it all.

Oh, and please, no more excuses. Sure it's sad that you lost you're file and couldn't fix it and you don't have alot of spare time and this and that, but the fact is, there is no excuse. It's either good or it wasn't regardless of conditions, and I didn't think it was good. So what if your flash crashes every 10 minutes? My whole computer suddenly reboots for no apparent reason nearly every half hour. You know what I do though? I don't just submit my file because I can't be arsed to get back in there; I go right back to square one if I have to and I restart and make it better.

Now, I'm not going to be one of those guys who goes "AJKHJKHF THUIS SUCKKZZZ!! ZERO ZERO" because that sort of attitude is just pointless. I've gone and I've outlined the big shortcomings and I hope you'll give some serious thought to what I've said and work at learning and improving yourself. Seriously, don't go and right me off as some guy who is just following a trend because someone else voted low. That's just ridiculous to even consider, and not just for me but for anyone. I gave you this score because I think your deserve this score.

Another Newgrounds Hit

FOR THE ONES THAT THINKS THAT YOUR WORK IS LAZY ,SUCKS, IT WASENT WELL MADE AND STUFF LIKE THAT is a big jerk who doesn't know good flash animation if it was strapped to a naked woman. I saw nothing wrong with this one.

Well it's different?

I dunno it's just a very silly plot every time I watch this series. I mostly just like the fighting scenes, that you do a good job with. The giga bowser killed it for me. The way he was made was just so wierd and blurry. Maybe that was an issue with your computer crashing? If it was not, then ummm, yea. Anyways work on the story and text.


Pong lol

awesome combos for everyone..and I like how snake sonic and mario are lst just like in the 41st event in brawl...and those other three are probably the strongest people ever.....cept tabu cant wait to see mario get all four of his asses whoooped
(if the word i just put gets censored i replaceit with buttocks) ^_^


this is a pretty sweet series, liked the epic bleach music...

Solid Snake

Can I get a sprite sheet of Solid Snake?
Also this is a great flash. I liked when Sonic goes crazy on Giga Bowser

who cares about spelling?

dude spelling doesnt really matters as long one understand what you mean. I personally suck at spelling but no one cares. why? cause as long you understand what you are tryin to say like I just said who cares (unless you are from england) anyways buen trabajo el proximo aunque no lo escribas bien te llevas un 10 y un 5 de mi parte esto es asombroso siempre y cuando la animacion sea igual o mejor a esta.

Good, as for your Spanish..

I enjoy your series, really, and although the goal here IS to produce something entertaining in a professional manner, you shouldn't limit yourself to Spanish just because it's all you know fluently. A minor mistake here and there can easily be fixed by posting up your script somewhere for someone to proof-read. Personally, I know Spanish so this possibility comes at no damage to me, but I'm sure majority of your current fans for this series don't know Spanish, and although the text is minimal, it'd be nice to have it in English.

that was good.

I got to admit the ping pong thing made my day.


It could use some better English. lol
Other than that, it was pretty decent.

I have to say I love it. Very nice, dude.

I love the use of Giga Bowzer, as well as creative use of voice clips, tension, and of course, Bleach music (Bleach ROCKS!) All in all, very good movie. Can't wait for the next one.

hahaha super!

really great keep it up! dude the whole old school with sonic and master hands killed me lmao!


Nice use of Bleach music. Get better Grammar, s'il vous plais.

Very Good Movie

I been watching all the of your movies, and theyre very good, especialy the fight scenes, those are the best. Part 5 is the best one so far, and very good storyline too. Only thing that i didnt like bout this was the cliffhanger at the end. Cant wait till part 6 to come out.


How do you get the Extras


this was epic i mean damn will it be a while before episode 6

Eh, iffy, at best...

If I wasn't such a grammar nazi, I'd have rated this higher. I tried my best to ignore it, but the innumerable typos and just generally glaring terrible English made it difficult to enjoy the animation.

On the other hand, the fighting was pretty well orchestrated, very quick, and the Bruce Lee sound effects made me lol IRL. For any future projects, I suggest using a dictionary though, or any standard spell checker.


your sieries was pretty awsome i like how you put hyrule temple in the flash movie .

very good but...

ITS AMAZING FANTASTIC ULTIMATE but i get dr.mario and metal mario of course but wuts purple and blue mario about?

really well made

i love the story and the actual animations, and the street fighter 3 hitsparks, btw, can you say where to get those?

Good, but...

I love it but how do you unlock extras?

It was....alright

well, while im not so impressed with the lines for the character (spelling and style, sorry) this movie does make up for in action and special effects...kidda like every action movie ever made.

And I may just be crazy...but I could have sworn master and crazy hand designed a knockoff of the Hyrule temple stage from melee...but that may just be me.


i think that most ppl who r complaining didnt click "play" thinking that the preview WAS the movie, and it would repeat it. I suggest you put that in ur comments.

Good movie. Sometimes it got a bit monotone, but still pretty damn good

i hate that crazy hand

i really hate that crazy one especially in event 50 haveing to kill both hands with one life
anyway i hope that crazy hand gets owned in such a funny way

AUGGH! Cliffhanger!

I hate it so much when those show up! Now I'm going to have to wait another few months to see what's next!

Snake FTW BTW.

I wonder if the stage was based off the Temple melee stage?

...Nah, couldn't be.


for that long of a wait i think there shouldve been alot more added honestly but good movie lol

Could of been better

I like the SSBST series alot but this one wasn't that great. I saw some text errors and it isn't that long. I feel like you rushed it. The ending was cool though. For number 6, don't rushed it. Overall, it's good but can improve.

Its been 5 episodes...

...and still no fight scence with pikachu or mewtwo... I got my hopes up in the last video after you show them but they still didnt fight. It is a good flash though and i liked the 666 thing as well as playing pong with sonic. Keep up the good work and please inclue pikachu or mewtwo in the next video!


The fight scenes looked like they had some work put into them, but the writing is uncharacteristic and, hate to say it, but looks like absolutely nobody thought, "Maybe we should go back and do some editing to make sure we spelled things correctly."

Just small details like this can make something look a lot more professional if you apply them to your future flashes.


Don't make Snake die. But it's so intense!


The Battle was awsome man!!!!! but, just one question. If they are already fighting the bosses, what are Dedede,Meta Knight, Mewtwo,Pikachu and jigglypuff gonna do. and like i said. they are many characters missing in the battle and if they came back there would be no hpe For Master, Crazy and Giga Bowser.

Tell me whats gonna happen next................................


Pretty amazing. I only fault you 1 star because a few of the jokes seemed a little out of place and a line or two of the text didn't make much sense. But a lot of heart and effort was put into this. Great job!


It's awesome. I realized at the end there was music from an animie (japanese cartoon) called Bleach.


add marth and ill be your best friends pleaseeeeeeeee


The new Brawl-style percentage counters I thought were a big improvement over the Melee versions since I was able to keep better track of who's who. I also loved how you used Brawl's "Boss Battle Stage 2" song, one of my favorites in the game. However, when Yoshi and Link were KOed, you should have removed their damage totals instead of leaving them there. That's my only complaint though. This movie earned the Daily 2nd. Keep it up!

Very Nice

That was really good. The effects of it could stand right up against SMBZ. I Loved the action in it!

Wouldn't that be awesomely insane if you could have that many characters playing at once on Hyrule? lol Think of the madness.

Very Nice...

Absolutely great!!! (Again)

I couldn't help but notice some brawl parts...well more of them, like the new icons at the bottom=D

Plus, You brought back the best level ever! hyrule temple, You should bring in some more characters like meta knight which were on the last episode but never appeared again???

Maybe add more characters like Ike and Marth???

Very good job, keep it up!


awesome job. cant wait to see the next one! 10/10!

looking at some of the titles...

I'm guessing this all actually took place before SSB evn started, because i saw the scene said "the Temple Is Born" so that said something to me. You did a great job with the fight scene. And yes, unlike some, i read about the recompiling thing that happened. Well, you gave it your best, and i look forward to ST6.


holy crap i swear to god that movie made my hair stand up. that was just intense! man u r the best flash artist ever.

pretty good

It was alittle short but the action was awesome keepit up. Can't wait for the next episode!


exclent job this is a great series only 2 problems
-i noticed tht the crazy hands identy thing was consently changing to the backround
-hard to constentrate with all the changing persents(it was a good idea tho just needs come improvement

Great vid, sucks about the files

to all of u who didn't see the credits listen, e104joker said the the files got damaged, many opinons were lost, other then the mispellings it was a good vid, sure the dialoge was a little cheesy, but it was still very good, the series should be continued, a 5/5 was achieved.

<deleted> responds:

nobody reads that but they love to hit the 0 dont they?
i dont care since i dont make this work for me i make it for the ones that are gonna like it so if you like it good and if you dont well no


im giving you 5 stars for the great action,i think you are good at that and should keep making them... but i couldnt stand the cheesy storyline... so i took 5 stars... it made me cringe, cut out some of the story... or all of it... just give them a small reason to fight.. or just make them fight... but plz stop making them talk....

It was good!

I swear half the reviews that I just read must be for some other flash! People just need to man up.... Or learn to spell. What would help though is that you could give your flash some spell checking (Not done by yourself) and make your sprite movement a little cleaner. Otherwise, it was pretty good.

Best SSB series ever

That is the most exciting sprite Super Smash Bros. I ever saw hurry up please and make another episode quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm not going to lie, this was terrible. The sprites were ugly, the "action" was slow, it was just a mess. Try harder.

But seriously, those sprites were awful.

great potencial

the only problem i see with your series is that no one can watch all the different %s at the same time, even more with such a fast paced battle


That was awseome! By the way, I agree with nightbane that there should be a few more items. To all of those people who siad that this sucked, you obviously don't care for Super Smash Bros., so just don't bother reviewing. PLEASE CONTINUE the series, it's awesome! Advice: Use Master and Crazy Hand's lasers next time. 4/5


I think if you want to make a flash, you should be able to speak English correctly.

I didn't even make it through the opening dialogue. Before the fight started I had already had enough of the "tought" bs.

Plus your sprites didn't look clean at all.

Sorry, but learn to spell and maybe I'll give it another shot.

Needs a lot of work

1. The giga bowser sprite was awful
2. The script was corny
3. The fighting was slow and boring
Improve on those points and it will be much better

Why is this getting flamed? I love this!

You're making a great series, and I love the story line and fight scenes! The sound effects were OK too. I honestly can't find anything wrong with this flash! It's all goodness! I hope the next episode comes out soon! I can't wait! Oh boy I am so going to be called a little kid for voting 5 on this.

pretty good

the only thing you good make an inprovment on is the lack of itemes seeing people duel it out with items flying every where is chaotic witch makes it more actiony.nice job

it just got better

i wonder wut will happen to Mario?


The storyline made almost no sense, I had to watch this twice to piece it together, the extra didnt even work and furthermore, how on earth are you admitting to taking sound fx from someone elses flash in the credits??? Just crediting the maker of the flash does not make it ok to steal the sound fx. So you earn a nice big 0.

I thought it was Good.

It had nice effects and good sprite usage. The damage percentage wasn't pointless, it added to the effect of Super Smash Bros. Sure, there were a few typos, but lots of people make them. And I'd like to see anyone try to make a sprite movie without DBZ sound effects. You had a nice range of SFX, so good job.

Hey, remember me?

k, you still dont get it, this sux

improvements: you put the konami credit at the start, its nice you listened to me

the crap:
the music
the art
the %/health at the bottom (that was pointless)
the concept
the action sequences
the "dialog"
the lack of voices
the negative lighting effects
the fact its on the front page
the fact that it was made
the fact that your making another

pls make tha NOT to be continued

for you, EPIC FAIL


why does everything have to be dragonball z-like?

if this is a ssb flash, then those shouldn't be able to do all those attacks...
comon man

Same old garbage.

Aside from the fact that none of the sprites are yours, which automatically gets you a 0 from me, the flash was full of typos, used the same dragonballz sound effects that every other sprite cartoon uses and the giga bowser looked horrible. The storyline is something a five year old would come up with. But ofcourse your not going to stop because stealing is a great way to get popular, why would you come up with your own ideas when you can simply steal other peoples.



Pretty good

I enjoyed watching it but you should work out the choreography before animating.


Truly amazing...

stupidest. flash. ever.

copy-paste of my last review:

you know what i hate? every single time there is a sprited movie featuring a video game character that is in the style of "ZOMG FINAL SHOWDOWN BIG FIRE BLASTS AND INVINCIBLE ARROGANT BOSS AND SO MANY GIANT BALLS OF MAGIC MARIO AND SUPER MEGA HUGE FIREBALL AND SPECIAL FX AND STUPID MUSIC PLAYED AT ALL THE WRONG TIEMS JUST BECAUSE IT SOUNDS LIKE A FINAL EPIC FIGHT LOLOLOLOL". this would be one of those. can't stand em. the music was ALWAYS playing for 2 seconds then fading out to some other track in a really stupid annoying way.

trust me, it gets really stupid after a while and only appeals to ten year-olds. when i was eleven, all my friends would gather around a computer watching Killing Spree just because it had alot of violence and showdowns. when i thought, WTF, they said it was the best movie they ever saw. little shorts about fights with Dragon-balls style blasts of blue stuff, and mario's eyes turning red as soon as Mario saw that luigi had died, followed by a giant blast, and sonic coming in and turning gold and blowing up stuff.

ON A POSITIVE NOTE, this was not as bad as the other flashes of this style. the first one was terribly too much like the others, but this one had less blue and red and green blasts coming out of people's hands.(maybe its just blood? but then why is it green, and blue, and why is there so much? and why does it go in a straight line, and why is it gushing, anyway?)

if you're a little ten year old that pees his pants from watching different styles of sprites kill each other with "kamehamehas", then this is for you.


apparently you didn't learn. you're still doing over-the-top-boringly epic flash, where some random colorful ball of liquid or something grows bigger and some laser-like thing shoots out of it. the whole "fool, did you think you could defeat me?" thing is just..... horrible. don't. animate. ever. again.

well, lets get on to your improvments(1) and the things you neglected(32767).

-you had ONE joke. i'm not sure you even intended it to be one, but i found it slightly funny. it was the master hand pong game. you coulda done better if you had the pong HUD.

bad(its actually horrible):
-the music dtill plays for 2 seconds at all the wrong times, and is still horribly epic.
-you still have no plot whatsoever.
-you still put in the epic-ness.
-deja vu. i've seen the fx and sprites and ima-fightin-master-hand a million times.
-its still ONLY amusing to a ten-year old(even though the animator may be any age they think they are).
-sprite movie. ugh.
-you're degrading SSBB, which is my 2nd favorite game.
-you're taking up a place on the front page you don't deserve(i guess that's NG's fault)
-giga bowser was poorly drawn.
-IMA CHARGIN MAH SEIZURE <--too many flashy lights and epic crap.
-your scripts were HORRIBLE. 2nd worst part of the game.(worst was the epic plotless story, as we all know)
-i really don't see the point of having multiple "parts" if its 5 MB and a run time of 1 minute. you're trying to build hype, and for that, you get good reviews. how bout some analysis for a change?
-when i'm running out of characters remaining in my review, you know you've made an abomination.
-all the sprites were of different style, and yes, frankenstein is considered an abomination. you re-created him.

-at least it wasn't stick figures and there was only one kamehameha.

well, considering i'm almost out of review space left, this is a message to all:


unless you're ten years old. then you should try to follow what everyone else is saying. and you shouldn't be on NG, either. how'd you get here?

that was fun.

some of the timing with the hits were off or didn't read well, but it was a fun lil sprite movie.

spend your time getting your ideas fully realized first with the choreography , before animating.

Awesome, but....

how does giga bowser become evil (and how does he turn into giga bowser anyways)?

aint bad m8

Must tell yeh, thats a pretty good peice of work u have there. The animation was nice, and the story line was simple just awsome. Loved the way u allways was on track of their % count. That was awsome, cant w8 for the next ep.^^


Can't wait for the next!

very great!

I love this vid! whens the next episode comin? cant wait!

Explosive! I like it!! but?

This movie reminded me of super smash bros brawl. All of the characters are on the game. One of the best parts was when sonic was just beating giga bowser to a mud pond. I was very impressed at the selection of moves, its one of the best i've seen.But the only thing that stays on my mind is...........?!!? What happens to mario??

This is an amazing piece of work!

I wish to say I'm impressed with what you did, very impressed. I only have one quirk: I can't seem to access the "EXTRAS" section. It says it's locked...how do I unlock it? Some help would be appreciated.


Hey this was really good, nice plot. I'm going to have to check out any more you might have right now.


I'm wondering what will happen after the Master hand saga will you start the Tabuu saga also what would happen if you gave mario all his powers, Fire, Metal, Flying, ect; how powerful would he be then.


V Wait for the next ep.

good but.....

The video is very good but ....¿ that happens at the end of mario?

the movie

it was the best!!!!!!!

Good episode

loved it, BUT when yoshi and link were knocked out of the fight, you should have removed their damage meters and name to make the others larger since those numbers were in the hundreds


That was awesome. Just so much action and characters. And not to mension how intense it was. 10 out of 10!!!


IT was completelly and utterly awsome! The only ONE thing i didnt like was why wasent Luigi there? If you have Mario you HAVE to have Luigi! ( i havent seen the other eps.) but besides that AWSOME! =D

A bit short...

I liked the moive, bit it was a bit short to be honest in relation to the other episodes, I liked thes other episodes but this one just lacked length

Either way I generally liked the episode and Bowser becoming Giga Bowser at 666% lol FTW!

YaY Temple!

Woo another Ep of the SSB ST series :D
great fighting scenes (I liked the part when they played pong with Sonic :P)

and @ Pook If you don't like his work, then why did you watch all the 5 eps? (if u didn't u missed a whole big piece of story-line)


Great very Great!

Not bad

Not bad....In fact i like it

Nothing inspiring

The spell was weak, no real plot...the animation itself looks smooth, but then all you do for voice is borrow voice clips.


The plot was weak and seemed overly juvenille, there also was other problems associated with your dialog (Please, PLEASE use spellchecker...). The fighting didn't really seem up to par compared to some of the other sprite movies.

While I'm a fan of the SSB series, I'm not a fan of your work.


i gave it a 9/10 cause i like the zelda games, and link kas his butt handed to him

awesome work again

it was simpily awesome lots of action and a little comedy here and there kepp up the great work

Can't wait till part six

It was good, but I hate cliffhanger endings!!!


Simply amazing. What I was most impressed with was that Giga Bowser sprite. Simply amazing work here bro. Keep it up.

God Bless



AWESOME!!! KEEP UP THAT AWESOME WORK!!! (try to finish the 6th ASAP plz!!!)


to continue the topic brought up by peterbeaner, just keep going till you can't go on any longer. I totally love this series.

KEEP IT UP!!! :)


dude u should make some more till u reach eps 7 10/10


finnally I can get on w/ my life now that I've watched this, thisROCKS

very nice

can not wait till episode 6

its great

but not your best

I gave this submission a vote of "4"

Very good and partly creative.

- I liked the tennis game reference that the hands did with Sonic
- I liked the overall fight sequence
- I liked the multiple action sequence
- I also liked the suspenseful ending.

I can't wait for part 6.
Keep up the good work.


that was great i love the way you use those sprites!
and the 4 different marios..
there is a ssbb collab at ng
would you like to be a part of it? if you do enter my userpage for more

There Once Was A Reptile. . .

"Who was beaten and bruised to the point of turning naturally insane.
I prefer to call this beast, Giga Boswer"

And what a perfect way to use him, his sprites were very well used,
and your skills have by far greatly improved since the last episode.
I won't be surprised to see this make front page!

and once again, if you want any voice actors for the next episode,
feel free to contact me and ask which character you would like!
Great Job again e104joker!

P.S I can't access the Extras :(



Otra muestra de que los mexicanos podemos hacer cosas geniales cuando nos lo proponemos, te quedo extremadamente bien. me encantó, continua así, pero, si es ST5 donde están las otras partes?

I'm glad to have done my small part

once again great movie buddy, it was fun helping out with the grammar, one mistake that only i'll probably get is that link says "i'd put just now i'm mad", a line i said on MSN, i meant for him just to say "now i'm mad"
as for the movie, top notch, great giga bowser sprites, awesome fighting as well
keep it up!


~~==My Review on the Movie==~~
- Very Good

Hahahaha! Yes! This is what i'm talking about! You are steady improving in your series! Good work! I can't wait to see more!
==Any Improvements - Animation

The animation itself was an improvement from the last. Good work, yet i still i think there are better character sprites to be used for Link and Yoshi. Thats my only complaint. The animation rocks and i was on the edge of my seat throughout! The element at the end was a new one. Can't wait to see what happens next! :D

A good piece of animation here. Its a big step up and it features my favourite nintendo character flexing his moves, I hope he and Link will catch up to the fight once again!

Rank =08/10
Score =4.00/5.00
:D Great!! :D
~Shadow Dinosaur ~
{the prehistoric Predator}

Great Animation, Ausome Story Line

I haven't been on newgrounds in over 2 years now and this is the first thing i have seen since. It is really good animation and newgrounds is still holding its title.

The Bleach music really made it at the end for me where mario gets send to his spirit world. Good job 101/10


I thought this was a guys way of getting some pity at first, but i was wrong. great movie BTY. 10/10 stars!!!!!


dud you rule i bow down to you great art lol it sucks that they heroes getting there ass kicked but hey ma bey you surprises us man link got tossed out lol what happen to yoshi lol come on make the next one man i can't wait to see what happens i hope they kick those hand ass so keep going man!



aw crap

now how is mario, solid snake, sonic, link, and yoshi gonna get out of this one


hol more and make it longer




You're are every bit as good as the lengendary Alvin Earthworm. Honestly, you rock. I think you have done everything he can do. Are you going to do voice acting? I would love to help. Anyway, yeah. Keep up the good work. If this gets any better, you will be better than old Alvin. Good work. You deserve 100000000/10 for this.

Good but could have been better

Well this is your fifth installment in your super smash brothers based show, but I can see a bit of improvement in animation.

Sprites- 7/10 all sprites were decent, and overused, but I hated the giga bowser one, it was too static. I would suggest moving the hands differently.

Story- 8/10 The story is good, at least more developed than a lot of fighting shorts on newgrounds.

Fighting- 8/10 The fighting was well animated, but to much DBZ style in my opinion you could cut it down a bit.

Menu- 10/10 The menu was cool and pretty to look at.

Misc. -1 I don't like how you started the flash, a bit of the movie then the menu, you should have made the menu then the bowser getting shot thing, also I don't like the overuse of the marvel v.s capcom effects, when Mario was crushed by the hands you should have made the screen red.

Reccomendations: If possible make your own sprites but I don't mind overused ones, make the flash less DBZ like, work on that spelling a bit, change that giga bowser sprite.




That I one of the best 8bit (w/e bit, type movies -.- ill just call it super nes gfx) gfx movies I've ever seen! man I gotta watch the first few....10/10 man,

but, your missing a character.
Kirby! where is KIRBY!!!

5/5 10/10
and Faved!

Nothing to complain about except...

Nothing to complain about other than a few typos something else was also missing sorry i cant put my finger on it. othewise a damn good movie. Good job.

Can't wait for the next one.

I actually didn't realize it was a part of the series until I played it. I kinda forgot the other episodes. :P Anyways, this was a cool one. The graphics were good, and the fighting was neat. How do you unlock the extras? Personally, I don't think you should have to unlock them. Also, the scene select is a little weird. It might be better if the scenes were put out in a more organized fashion.

This was a great video though. Do you change the damage and stamina bars frame by frame? If you did, that must've taken an age to do. Well, keep up the good work.


Dude! This was AWESOME! We have finally the 5th part of super smash bros ST!
The fights were very well animated and the quality was good! I felt kinda dissappointed about what you mention in the credits... But you're right! It's actually very good! You did it man! =D

Note: Keep up the cool work Henry! ; )
Note 2: I can't wait for episode 6!


Long and epic what more do you want?

In my opinion it's always best to kill off Yoshi first no matter what the medium.
More importantly i like the flash i can see a lot of effort was put in there. Also ending with music from Bleach is never a bad idea.


This episode completely pawned! I wonder what happened link and yoshi...

OMG i lovei't

niceeeeeeee job mannnnnnn!


Stats, Info & More

4.48 / 5.00