Piggle's Quest

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Piggle's Quest.

you play as piggle, a little red guy. Someone stole your precious teddy bear! Find your way through all 10 levels and get your teddy bear back.

Good Luck.

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yay i scored 5300


a couple of thing. (1) plz put in a mute button for the music. (2) clicking ok to start the next level takes the control away from the character (easily solvable by clicking again but you should start to smooth your games as you get better).
those are the main and only real critizims i can give this flash without feeling like a big bully :p

now i would like to use the rest of this space to give some suggestions for "Piggles's Quest 2 revenge of the black dots"

- increase the level count to 20
- each 5 levels have a (major) change of background e.g. under water, volcano, garden, skywalking.
- you have a basic enemy, good now make different types.
*fast enemy
* big enemy (takes more than 1 hit)
-include power ups (the easiest one to make would be invinciblity)
-coins are so 80's dont be afraid to use your imagination (cookies, books, dolls, tomato sauce. just use something other than coins! :D)

-boss battles.
* the final boss can be the mother dot who wants revenge for all the children you killed in the first game :D
-a simple range weapon attack that flies a couple of spaces in front damaging enemies.
-a gimick e.g. for your new games you cant just keep using old formula's you need to mix it up a bit.
* make a game about a scribble living in a cartoonland, he collects pencils to draw himself a proper body so he'll fit in. you can give the players the ability to add a bit more to the character each level, this way everybody gets to use a unique hero.
*make a game were your a princess named after a random fruit and your on an adventure to save your dumbass plumber boyfriend from a gang of monster turtles.
*make a game about a pair of breasts that collects milk and shoot babies.
*make a game were your a sausage who collects coins and fights an army of interdimensional beings who have stolen your precious child hood toy....Oh wait :D

shine on you crzy devil :D


Gay.I only played two levels and it sucked.

ThomSip responds:



awesome, but is it my flash player because it came up with a script error when i got onto leval 2? But it's a very good game with as 3.0!!! and thats very hard to learn so well done with the actionscript and nice art as well, Also it's a very hard game which i like so it's more of a challenge, so overall it's a 10/10.

ThomSip responds:

I think there's you haven't got the latest flash player installed.

and thanks for the positive review :D

ok nice

its pretty nice, didnt exactly know what the red stuff was, so i tryd jump on it and i died:P. umm background is pretty boring and the green ground gets boring too, light/dark switch is nice. Gameplay is nice and de monsters are great but a little too easy.

ThomSip responds:

thanks for reviewing,

you comments will be taken into notice when I'm working on my next game.

Cool platformer

But the music put this one over the top.

ThomSip responds:

what do you mean?

anyways thanks for commenting and thanks for the 9 XD

Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2008
8:36 PM EDT
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