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EDIT: I have changed the role of the replay button to allow you to jump to CHOOSE YOUR PATH instead of going into the beginning...
This is a fight between Naruto and Sasuke...where you get to decide who wins!
This episode is the first of my new VS series enjoy!


Just like hundreds

Overall, the movie bored me - the graphics are mediocre (excellently drawn by whomever drew them, badly composited by you for the most part) and the plot is the same old tosh. Essentially, it's just like hundreds of others.

What's the name of the font you used for the in-movie dialogue and opening text? It looks like a great decorative font, but for the size you're using it at (for the speech), you really need something more functional. Maybe a bitmapped font or a sans serif?

The sprites were well put together and all the speedlines, explosions and specially the 'charging up visuals' looks cool. Changing the bgs at that point was a nice idea.

However, there's a lot wrong.

Zoom-ins weren't a good idea with sprites - it doesn't look good. Work within the restrictions of the medium rather than trying to force it into places it shouldn't be.

You could have used a mask to blend the mountain and the 4 faces a bit better.

There were some examples of squashing - resulting in an oval planet at some points and a chubby Naruto in Sasuke's ending.

The explosions for Naruto's death looks fairly incongruous with everything else. Try to source images that match each other better.

The stuff I've said is just a bunch of graphical niggles - nothing that would stop it being enjoyed if the narrative was above par. Unfortunately, that's just the same-old battle scene and the 'true' ending, was just totally confusing. It wasn't as if it raised questions - it just made me wonder, 'wtf' and feel like you'd set yourself up to explain something that you won't properly be able to.

The charging bit and the bit where Sasuke first hits Naruto do look pretty decent.

I suggest you take a step back and think about what you're hoping to achieve with this series.

Tell a story? Work on it.
Improve your animation? Don't use sprites.
Show us cool stuff? Make a website - not flash animations.

-Review Request Club-

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mortis5000 responds:

Thank You...The sprites were limited so I did have my hands tied behind my back...the camera systems that I used did distort some of my scence esp sasuke ending...I have adopted a new system actually that doesn't distort it...

Classily done

I quite liked this, simple but having a bit of complexity.

The graphics were good but limited in animation as they were sprite sets. But excellently done sprites. Really well animated. I didn't like the whole conversation aspect, quite hard to read. But overall quite good.

The sound was spot on nicely intense and fitting with the movie. Really liked the Japaneses over the talking fitted well.

Overall a very goos sprite flash, one of the best Naruto ones I've seen. But the file size does need to be worked on, other than that. Great job :D

=Review Request Club=

mortis5000 responds:

Thank You...I was trying to find ways to optimize it...hopefully I will find out how to lower it

It was OK

i dont like sprite flashes, i dont like them at all, for me to like a sprite animation they have to be pretty damn fucking fantastic. Unfortunately for you, this wasnt anything special. You could have been slightly more original with the storyline, rather than having the typical Sasuke vs Naruto fight.

Graphically it wasnt terrible, the sprites looked good and i havent seen those sprites before. Where did you get them? You really need to work on your backgrounds and scenery as they sort of sucked balls a bit. The mountain faces looked like they were just copy pasta'd into there. The animtion was pretty smooth, and i liked the animation when they transformed.

The sound was ok, the Japanese voices annoyed the fuck out of me though so you lose marks for that, maybe next time you could do voice acting as i didnt have time to read the dialogue at the top of the flash. The audio and the sound effects were pretty good though.

Overall it was ok, not fantastic but ok, not good enough to grab my attention. However i did like the choose your path thing at the end, nice addition. Maybe make some more of these.
[Johnny says it sucked, but dont listen to him]

Graphics - 7
Animation - 8
Sound - 7

[Review Request Club]

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mortis5000 responds:

Thank You... I will try to include voice acting within my movies....

not too bad there

Although im not completely into Naruto its still a very great flash you did..
Nice job and keep improving

mortis5000 responds:

Thank You...I will keep trying and check out my other movies

Nice endings

The one thing that really gets to me with the flash movies of this type is that there is no voice acting. It's such a simple addition and it's easily overlooked. You've put in so much dialogue here that it needs to be read out, rather than forcing the viewer to read it all for themselves.

I like how you've put the subtitles in one place, as it makes it easier to read - now all you need to do is tone down the font you chose for them, as it can be quite difficult to recognise certain letters in a short amount of time.

You've manipulated the sprites quite well and have written a decent plot for it. I would suggest that you have a scene selector, so that you can view the alternative endings, rather than just throwing us back in to watch the rest of the movie over and over again.

I liked the battle effects, with the swirling energy around both Sasuke and Naruto, it worked well with the rest of it and was definately your best piece of animation.

[Review Request Club]

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mortis5000 responds:

Thank You...

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