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Circle Platformer

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Platformer Game, as some of you might have realized, I've been in flash longer than you think, here anyways, get all the balls.

(Mediocre art by Ryan)

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hmmmm beta eh?

well at first i was like: wtf is this crap? but then i read its just a beta so here's a list of glitches and things to be improved:

glitches:every time i changed room all my coins dissapeared an when i got back in the last room the coins were back again.
sometimes i just flew trough a wall.

not just like a grey ball but make it someting more unique yano
and when u die that you don't have to start from the beginning but just like the same room or one room back(but without your coins)
add like lives to it too and power ups(jump higher, roll faster etc) and maybe some enemies.

hope this helps =D you can definatly turn this in something good

Liked it

I liked it. The thing I liked most was the level variety (with the angled slopes and the "boss")!

A few glitches

some parts when i turn, i lose coin, i know this is part fo the script but in one part you really need tp turn you lose all coins

Fix glitches

There is a number of glitches in this game, while your coins can disappear and return to their spot, you can go through walls, and others that you should fix. Although I like the idea and was decently fun, this also needs some creativity and stand out from the other platform level games: like color, or making the character more unique instead of a grey ball.

Cryother responds:

yes, it's a "beta" this can be developed to something good?

this needs lots of work

theres no colors, the coins disappear at random and when you lose a life the music keeps overlapping. insert that musicstop command somewhere.

Cryother responds:

"beta" type thing

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2008
12:05 PM EDT