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Update(3/23): After more months of procrastination, I have finally completed the new enrichment center. i'll repost it shortly.

Update(12/02): After several months of procrastination, I have figured out how to redo some challenges so that they'll make more sense. So, with that being said, we have decided to add more to the game. so this is just the first version of this game. After the release of the game I'm currently working on, I'll be working on this again.

Update (4/11): First runner up on the top daily list (aka 6th)!! thank you guys soo much!!!! We never have thought it would be this good! thanks agin!!


This is my first ever flash game.

Artwork: Evilapple513
Code: me

very proud of this game. It has 2 endings....

chambers 02-04: locked the doors when the puzzle is finished

couple of minor problems/hints:
Chamber 02: some people might not get it...hopefully you all do.
chamber 03: read the sign on chamber 02 before going in
chamber 04: sign position
chambers 02-04: will add reasoning on entering and exiting rooms.
chamber 06: 2nd time around "LRR" due to the door is now unlocked (am adding a landmark to that room)
all: will add cameras that will follow the mouse
all: will add a timer
all: will add GLaDOS quotes

The story: This is a fan based game off of Valve's Portal. This is another part of Aperture Science. This takes place before the portal gun was completed, so this game is like Portal .5.

You're an Aperture Science employee starting to think that you will never going home again. So you start to escape from the Enrichment Center.


I thought his was quite interesting, though very easy. Still, this left me on the edge of my seat, for some strange reason!

Cute, although you should add penalties for death.


Awesome job, Chris!
I think I'm a little biased because I know you.
But still, keep up the good work. The graphics are teh sweet.

Thank you for helping us help you help us all

This looks like it could end up as a pretty amazing game.
First off, the puzzles were well done.
I do question, however, the repetitive use of keycards. It's like Zelda dungeons: one key per door. Makes no sense. I'd shape it to a different level of keycard, like keycardlvl1access, lvl2access in order to access different colored doors.
Also, you say you're adding timers, so I hope you implement those correctly instead of just putting a timer in there for no reason. The timer in Portal was a countdown to the completion of GLaDOS' fresh batch of neurotoxin.
Also, make sure you insert the correct GLaDOS quotes, because it'll sound weird if she calls you a test subject when you work there.
I think it'd be a cool beginning, (rather than a table, some graffiti, and a big tv)to start in an office with a computer you can play with. And then the doors are locked and your alone in the office, and you use the computer to open the door and begin the game.
I'd also suggest adding interactive useless trinkets. People love those.
If you need help with anything, you can pm me, i've had experience in this sort of thing.

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RAWowner333 responds:

the timer will be explained and used correctly. as well as the GLaDOS' quotes. Everything will fit together.

the beginning is really your office. that's how the artist imagined it. though an extra interactivity is a good idea, as well as using the computer to unlock the normal door.

if we do make a sequel...the different level access cards will be used. thanks

great game, but just a question. r u supposed to login to that account at the end?

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Apr 10, 2008
7:52 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click