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The Lost Gift Trailer

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Author Comments

Thank you very much to all for the interest to The Lost Gift. Thanks to all mails and ideas to shink and put it on NG. Wich I will...but the movie is 30% Japanese and 50% Turkish...for all that I need dubs (the voice actors are ready) and make subtitle for you lot...sorry about the crap intro at the beggining but I did not think the Trailer would be liked this much...I meant no disrespect for the viewer nor my own work...
The Lost Gift will be with you all soon...but I want to do this properly this time and I requre more support and blessings from ya all...



It's a work of art.

The time and effort you've spent on this come out really well in the animation, though I will agree with some people that the plot isn't very well explained. I look forward to seeing the whole thing, good luck!

P.S- I've never seen a flash with that style of animation, it looks pretty professional!


wow first one not to give a 10, thats akward.
i wasnt feeling it, i mean everyones talking about how amazing it its, but i just didnt think it was that good. not the plot, but the overall animation. maybe its because i was watching avatar at the time and comparing that to this made it look realy bad but what ev, great work hope to see the movie soon.

There's just no way...

I mean, I've seen some incredible things made by people with the Flash program... but this... thirty minutes long... of THIS? No way... NO one can make a movie that good...

Either you are not human... or you are using some sort of uber-Flash program... but there's no way you could make work of that quality, thirty minutes long, just on something picked up from a local hardware store.

Rating.... they should have a N/A option for flashes like this, because giving this a 10 just doesn't even give it CLOSE to enough justice.

PM ME!!!!

PM Me the link to the 15 minute clip!!


this is to good to be flash

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Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2008
4:02 PM EDT
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