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special effects tutorial

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Apr 10, 2008 | 9:51 AM EDT

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Author Comments

EDIT: I fixed the non-moving blood on the blood tutorial

I got really bored so I decided to make an effects tutorial. It covers explosions, fire, sun, lighting, rain, gunshots, and has some animation tips. I got even more bored so I added an audio search to search for
sound effects, background music, and songs from soundsnap, NGAP, and I also have a short animation of the sort of thing you could do with the effects in there.



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Well, some of the effects aren't bad, like the lighting and explosion, but they still need more "humph" to be realistic. Mabey turning the filters quality to "high" would be a goos start.

Other effects shown here, like the blood and rain, are just horrible. Mabey you should re-think the whole effect and start over to achieve a more realistic effect.

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Yeah...this help alot

This helped me out a lot thanks man!

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Not bad...

Although some of the things weren't perfect (in the blood part, you said to convert the blood to a movieclip and then shape tween, which you can't do), it has some good information for people who are just starting to use Flash. I would suggest making it so that the music doesn't play more than once. (The music plays again every time you go back to the menu, which caused me to quit out a few times because of how annoying it was getting.)

But you had some good stuff there, and I bet a lot of people benefited from this tutorial. Keep up the good work!


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This is very good for beginners like myself. I hope you do do the action scripting one as I have a good idea for a game bout a roleplay I'm in on Gaia.

Keep it up!

andy70707 responds:

Thanks. You can be expecting the actionscripting tutorial in about 2-3 weeks- we are going away for a week and a bit and I don't know if I can bring my laptop to work on it. It might take a bit longer as it will coveer just about everything I know how to do, complete with working examples and downloadable .flas.


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Good for basics

Its a good tutorial for people learning the basics here in Newgrounds. Lotsa dudes who don't know twat about flash, you show easy but vital things to people who's new to flash. Perhaps you should change the name, is a bit misleading. Try something that lets yoou know it's just for beginers

Great basic tutorial altogether!

andy70707 responds:

Thanks. I might make an actionscripting tutorial next which covers buttons and mouse avoiders to advanced physics engines and RPGs/platformers.