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Project Midnight

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Author Comments

Game Controls are fairly straight forward. Lay down towers and defend the building in the center of the screen. Your the commander on top of the building and have the ability to shoot the zombies as well. Your towers have individual "headshot" percentages that give an instant kill regardless of the zombies hit points. This makes balancing a little difficult at times and you may play a version that's far too easy or exceedingly difficult. I'm updating it constantly so check back from time to time if you like zombies and tower defense games or one of the two. =D

Its a beta that I've been working on and my first "finished" game. As I plan to do a lot more with this and this only incorporates about a third of what I want to add to it. Mostly, I wanted to see what people think of it and look forward to any constructive criticism and new ideas. I hope you enjoy it!!!

And let me know if you find any bugs. =D

*EDIT*- fixed a bug that would cause towers to stop shooting if you upgraded them while they were shooting at the precise fraction of a second. Towers should not have this problem again. Please leave a comment if this bug is experienced again and thanks for the heads up!!

*EDIT* - fixed upgrade button bug and hopefully there's no other upgrade button bugs lurking around that keeps them from being visible... Only time will tell I suppose. Thank you to everyone who eludes to a possible bug somewhere cause one always seems to be found when you do. =D

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Window Glues at the scrol bar!

Damn, i can't get at the start button XD!!!


yer this game is easy as but boring after a while i got to wave 40 and just closed it because once i had enough towers it played itself i could even walk away and come back just to click next wave
but you do need upgrades for the middle guy also i dont mean to make them smart but maybe some of the zombies could be faster than others or maybe have picked up a melee weapon of any sort and attack towers or something like that

constructive criticism

Let me start by say this is a great game. After I first encountered I posted links to it on several boards that I frequent and myspace.

That said, the is only fun until the mid twenties of so. After that all you have to do is click next.

My suggestion is to possibly increase the speed of the zombies after a certain level. Say level 30.

Next, There seems to be a bug that won't let me scroll to the bottom of the screen. This sometimes results in the grid control buttons being unclickable.

Take it for what its worth and have a fabulous day.

ftwgames responds:

Thanks for the comments. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. I'm currently working on making it more difficult and a recoding it for cs3 since it will perform better and allow me to add more to it without making it really really bog down. I'm really really excited to hear you liked enough to post links on other websites. Its the first game I've ever produced and releasing something you've poured hours into for the public to see really gives that feeling of bearing your soul. On the subject of the bug.... I've noticed that to. Haven't figured it out to be honest, seems to be something in relation to the "non-pop-up" link..... Still tryin to figure that one out. Thanks for the comments though and hopefully I'll have the revised edition out soon!!

Nicely done

With all the tower defense games around it's nice to see something a little different. Everyone else has made good points bout upgrades etc. One thing you may want to check on. I had a tough time placing some of my men. I'm not sure if it was a terrain issue, or a glitch, but I couldn't seem to get them on the left side of my tower until the 7th level.

ftwgames responds:

huh.... that's the strangest thing I've heard. And the first time I've heard it. Hmmm.... I'm gonna have to look into that cause I've heard nothing of problems placing towers. Though I'm revamping a ton of code which should make every process smoother and faster so hopefully if there's an issue there It will be fixed with what I'm doing now. Thanks for the comments though. I want to make a tower defense game that doesn't feel like every other tower defense game.

great game

while you looking for sugestions i have one. It would be nice if you could upgrade your commander. im not saying he needs to have a rapid fire gatling gun, but an increased power or rate of fire would be nice.

Great job can't wait to see play it again

Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2008
1:17 AM EDT