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-EDIT- Thanks for the Front Page!!!!! -EDIT-

Hey boys and girls! Im back with another submission. This will be my third in total so keep the comments and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism coming, hopefully this movie will address some of the problems in the last 2. But Im sure someone will find something wrong with it. Just like the last 2, it was also drawn entirely in Flash and with a mouse. A tablet would really come in handy these days ...

Anyways, this little ditty was for a final school project in Visual Studies class. We were assigned to create something about CO-Existence, whatever that is, and this Flash is my interpretation.

The premise of the story is the dream world of a hand. Yes, i know it sounds weird at first but i think it came out pretty nicely for a 2 week on and off project. This hand is taken beneath his bed to see the many ways he manifests himself in the world around us. WOW that sounded artsy, so ill stop there.

Thanks to everyone who likes this!


That was awesome

Besides the really cool storyline and animation i absolutely loved the song. That is my favorite song and for someone to finally have a animation using it makes me really happy. I give it an 11/10

Very Original

I love it, we take our thumbs for granted, honestly. Without them I would have a hard time typing this up I'm sure. I like that you used grey, black and white for the main coloring whereas the hand was colored, which emphasizes the point of its presence blatantly and honestly. I like the shaky animation.

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just a tip

try to make the animation more fluid by using a bit more fps
that would mean a lot of extra work but I think it would pay off in the end

very nice concept

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Nice typing thumbs! lol


this is very creative and original, it looked great and the music was good as well, this wins my highest approval.

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4.01 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2008
12:01 AM EDT
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