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After many weeks and many months of sitting on my desk and working on flash I have completed my newest creation. It is named Collectors!

Note: Please let me know of any bugs in this game. I've fixed a lot of them but they may be some left. I will fix them as quick as possible.

Bug Updates: Medium and Hard mode are now easier. The screen doesn't go blank when you win on team play. Medium mode fixed. It seems that when i play the game on newgrounds it's different than on flash.

In this game you will control a red robot where you will try to collect blue "items" to gain points. In the end the first robot to have 250 points shall be named the winner!

Arrow Keys - Move Around
P - Enter Main Menu during game
Volume Control in options and during game.
Thats about it!

.::Game Modes:.
There are 5 game modes which are listed below.
Single Player- Self explanatory. In case you dont know. ^Read above^
Single Player Team Mode - Play with a computer to battle against other computers.
Multiplayer - Play against a friend on the same pc.
Multiplayer Team Mode - Play with a friend to battle against other computers.
Highscore Mode - Collect "items" whilst getting chased by an enemy robot.

There is an easter egg but can you find it? Yes is probably the answer.

Thanks to ShirkDeio for improving some of the actionscript!

Well folks that about wraps up the information for this game. Now go play it!

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Nice Game

Nice game, thanks for the mention in the credits :D

Good luck on your next game!

Ryan094 responds:

Thanks, and hopefully, whatever my next game will be. Will be a lot better.


this rules best game ever and i cant w8 for mouse avoider 2

keep up the good work

Ryan094 responds:

*Awesome ;) lol
Thanks. Ill look forward to finishing Mouse Avoider 2!

team play....

team play with the computer is a fun idea... only issue is after you win? i unno what actually happened the whole screen turned white and nothing else happened... interesting concept that the comp is on your side...

Ryan094 responds:

Yeah, thanks for the review but the version on newgrounds is way different than on flash. I was going to resubmit it as it was so different but i thought i might get banned or something.


This isn't, for me, a terribly interesting concept. Bland art and entirely uninspired gameplay did not help.

The game was buggy. The words 'Medium' and 'Hard' were mangled on the selection screen, and neither of those modes worked, instead simply presenting a white screen with a red cursor.

As for gameplay in 'easy', I will say that simply making the computer slower than the player is probably not the most optimal solution. This places the computer in an advantageous position much of the time when the new object spawns far from the player, as the computer is already very far behind and thus, closer to the new object. I assume in higher difficulties the computer would become faster?

If that is the case, perhaps look at the way the computer tracks the object rather than how fast it moves. Even more erratic movement in easy, becoming more and more accurate as you progress through difficulty levels. Perhaps change the 'inertia' the player feels based on the difficulty level as well.

All in all it seems like you spent a lot of time on this, but the flaws FAR outweigh any positives. In any future versions maybe you should consider powerups, weapons, environmental hazards or -anything- to make the gameplay more complex than 'get the object'. Simple is surprisingly hard to accomplish in games, especially in a genre as done to death as this one.

Ryan094 responds:

Yes, i was going to add power-ups, i even did at one point but so many problems came up i thought it was best to leave it out. I think you've gave a very good review.


Its great.
better than i would eer do.

But the medium doesnt work.

Ryan094 responds:

It works for me. So i don't know about that one.

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2.81 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2008
5:26 PM EDT
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