PT5: Heroines

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edit: I'm sorry it turned out like this. You see, apart from having so little time, one of the reasons this one took a long time is i have seen something that made me somehow look at making hentai flash a different way. It's unfair. I put a lot of effort on the last one but it was underrated. I'm not saying it's the best but some people are just horrible with their judgements. Unfair would be the capital term, yes. I'm not blaming anyone. It's just that the cold hard truth states that the people's taste vary wildly and in this case not a lot of them appreciate this sort of things. Well boo-hoo for me huh? Sure. And one more thing. I saw a handful of hentai-key flashes and i can't believe those things are making money. I love Zone but when you see the other stuff you had to pay for they are just i dunno. I'm a bad critic but think of something fucking within two frames. So i came to a conclusion that people look up hentai to wank so even if the write-up sucks and the humor ambiguous, as long as the sex is there, it's all good. I'm really sorry to all the watchers of the series. You can call this one the "vent" episode. I'll make up on the next one. - DC

"He who watches porno is after a good wank."

Warning: Extremely explicit adult hentai content. If you are offended by these stuff please do not watch this.

This is very late. My apologies. I was busy catching up on life i hardly had the time to spend drawing my daydreams. And the catching up continues. Anyway, have fun!



This is pretty hot, but seeing Ronald McDonald was unexpected. Good job though.

awesome... except for the last part with mcdonald. bleugh

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XD cool

I lol'd. Freaking cum sounds

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Apr 9, 2008
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