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streetfighter flash

April 9, 2008 –
May 7, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

street fighter flash

see also http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/433918


If you want to power up to do Shin-shoryuken or super hadoken but the enemy does not let you then do block(walk not front but back) and press light and heavy kick.You will block and you will power up! :)

whats the music when u fight guile?


its the only decent street fighter flash fighting game on the web!

It's like a beta to mugen. the sprites recycled from SVC chaos and not really origional if you want to play something like this just download mugen

no he called bison - vega, bulrog - bison and vega - bulrog lol

awesome graphics but the controls are wierd... how to attack???

I like the sprite ripping you did, but from being in the M.U.G.E.N. community, you must also know how to code, and this is not coded properly.

SUP!!!Dude your game gets a 10 out of 10 From ME!!!!

you called Balrog Vega and Vega Balrog but other than that great game

Kung Fu Fighting was Awsome....This Game is fun too....My friends play this game alot
You should make more!!!

This game is originally made by julien phillipe.....you don't own this game I've played the owners version

Go to www.streetfighter.com to get the REAL names! I mean, what the f*ck? Vega is called Balrog, Bison is called Vega, Balrog is called Bison, Chun-Li is called Chunli, Dhalsim is called Dalshim, etc. WTF? And the moves are too hard to execute, but otherwise somewhat enjoyable.

I put low punch A high punch S an low kick Q high punch W try it but once u get a good config ull rate it 10

It's not horribly broken. You simply need to put in a preset button command, and maybe a larger window.

lesson on how to "fight:"
1) Using your hands hit the down arrow a few times till u see KEY CONFIGURATION OPTION
2) then again using ur hands(i know it is so much work) press the spacebar
3)set the keys to how u want to "fight" (ex. press to move left = hit -->)
4) enjoy!
explore the flash before judging it! good god!
ok now here is what i think on the flash..... for how big the filesize is adding more charicters would not be such a bad idea.... hell! maybe add a little bit of a storyline.... but my thoughts are not gonna affect ur score!

p.s. seein how this is a review and it is going to go in a matter of seconds or days... post up instructions on how to set the controls

lol, its fun to watch them suffer with the controls. anyhow, they are:


dude how can i fight

I had to come up with my own controls but it was fun!

so yeah you pretty much just say that you can move and block you just have no idea how to fight!!!! :(

why dont you make a game with all the people in one

Yeah man

hey man im a big fan of street fighter but im poor so i have to play the old stuff like street fighter 2 but still been with street fight from the beggining but i have play 3rd gerneration and other awsome and this game is awsome but the only thing i dont like is the computer blocking so much blocking alot makes me mad cuz its like wats the point of doing any moves if hes goin to block them all so if u can make another withou so much blocking thatd be cool thanks

This game is really fun to play. The graphics and sounds come together very well, and the controls handle well. I particularly enjoyed the key configuration option, it makes it much easier to play well.
Nice job all around.

Really liked the game, quite fun to play.

The graphics were good, but the small screen didn't do the game any favours. WOuld've liked tosee it as big as your other game. The sprites moved excellently though.

The sound was good, nice synching made it feel like and actual street fighter.

OVeral the game playin this seemed alot smoother, I got the controls andthe special moves easy, a really well worked game

=Review Request Club=

This was a really cool game but the feeling was ruined by such a small resoloution, i need a bigger screen to kick ass more efficiently!!

Good graphics, nice gameplay, the controls are easy enough as well. Make it bigger though. Also at times the loading speed was extremely low.

[Review Request Club]

This seems to have come out very well, though I had a few problems loading this at first, it wasn't connecting to your site so I would really suggest changing hosts for something more realiable. That would explain the low score in my view but still, quite underrated here. The game itself is very good, nice sound and the control set up is good too.

Though one thing with the controls, the set up should detect that there are none on first load and allow the configeration right away. Also the Vs graphics just before the game starts look a bit choppy, other than that though, the game plays very well and everything works and looks fine to me other than the mentioned.



= Review Requst Club =

I think that the main thing that you need to add to this game is to show players on the menu what is available, asI can only see 1 player options. I have worked out that when you scroll down, you can select the others, but it could be more simple if you added the selection above and below in slightly smaller font, to indicate that these were available, but not currently highlighted.

As for the gameplay, it was quite good - not as good as I would have expected with an original console, but still more than adequate.

The main problem being that you can't compare these type of games to how they were, as the normal PC doesn't come with a controller panel. Still, you've done a good job - I would suggest that you make it slightly bigger, as you've got so much of a screen to spread the game about over.

[Review Request Club]

This is seriously Underrated dear god people can be stupid sometimes, you try to give them good stuff and they reject it "2.18" thats a too low score for this anway i guess the way to front page is with jokes ;)

This game was quite bit of fun, once I got the hang of it. In fact, it was like playing Street Fighter on an actual console, which is the perfect feel for a game like this (since the feel of actually being in the arcade is probably impossible to recreate on a computer keyboard). With the characters, the quality music, and the console feel, it was quite a pleasure to play.

I do have one complaint however, and it is the controls. Not so much with the controls themselves, though, but with the fact that you never tell us what the controls are. I had to learn the controls by reading people's reviews, and basically going about a "trial-and-error" method of doing it. So yeah, that's not a good thing. You could have added a "controls" screen or an "instructions" screen, maybe an arrow key away from the screen where you gave combo instructions. So you lose a point for that, but it's still an overall fun game.
5/5, 9/10
<Review Request Club>

Good street figher game, but why is the screen so small? Let me see those kick-ass effects on a big screen!

The controls here are a bit better than in "tatsu-maki-sen-pu-kyaku", or maybe it is because I played SF2 more than any other fighting game and I am used to the controls.

The opponents are quite easy if you know how to do Ken's " tatsu-maki-sen-pu-kyaku" kick. :D

{ Review Request Club }

This flash game looked fun but was very frustrating. The main problem is the control system, it did not work properly. For example the arrow key did not work ,and i found i had to us the number keys 1 and 2 and 4 and 5. You did not mention that. Fighting and doing combos was a matter of trail and error, the player you were fighting anist was better. The help guide did not help me much.
On the plus side the graphics and sound were authentic ,and the fighting fluid and fast and fun to play.
Oveall te control system needed work.

I thought this was yet another great fighting game from you. You truly know how to make these kind of games. I thought this was as good of a tribute as you could possibly make. The graphics were great and the variety of the characters was nice. A lot of familiar faces I enjoyed seeing! I had some problems with the controls. I found it hard to even get a simple combo going. It wouldn't have been a bad idea to make another kind of control system. Also the difficult was a bit high. There should be some kind of difficulty setting. Over all another great fighting game. Make more please!

{Review Request Club}

This flash had almost the original had but in flash form..


aS a dude who grew up playing this game from the start... Its a great game.
Good shot.

not the game, the fuckin controls!! they don't do shit and that fuckin sucks!!, am I just doin it wrong? I saw the command list and what not, but when I try the moves I get my ass stomped by the first guy and got reminded of how it feels to fight any KoF boss!!!any who, the animation is great and so is the sound!tiny screen though.great job(except the controls)

that is yours right??? ive seen this on newgrounds before so im not sure if it got blammed or stolen...but i still enjoy it

Bring me back to when I was 5 in the 90's... My daddy handed me that game... my favorite character was Chun Li. She was so pretty... thanks for bringing back memories, dude~

This was great! Broght me back to when I was younger. The music was fantastic and the animation was perfect. Definitely worth a couple of plays.

On the down side, the controls were sometimes not very responsive when try a move. Also, the screen was pretty tiny. Would like to see this a bit bigger.

Other than that, this is a great flash game and is worthy of the 8 starts I have given.

Dude this flash fighter is awesome man! i hope you are planing to make another because i would love to see you make your own fighter with your own sprites and story line it would be sweet keep up the good work

Hope this passes judgement


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2.58 / 5.00