Resident Evil SARS Part 2

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EDIT> Far out, I was just gunning for front page again, but I didn't imagine a trophy! Thanks to all who voted postive ^.^

EDIT> Okay NOW I think I have it sussed. Wish someone could have told me browser animations dropped 6 fps.

You'll probably want to watch Part 1 before watching this; obviously...the link is...somewhere.

Sorry for the long load, I ended up cramming a lot into this animation, the extended 10mg upload helped that happen too thankfully

Hope you enjoy it anyway, my drawing and animating skills have definitely improved along with lip synching as well, so it shouldn't blind anyone this time.


Pretty Good

The only thing is the audio was off. Other then that nice job.

good work

i agree with cotomyzer because the voices where a little off at some parts and you can improve on it. but overall great work!


It made me laugh a few times. I guess that's something. I think Jill is hotter in the game though...

a little work/practice

and you have a great flash ^_^, the raccoon thing was really funny but why didnt brad run away like he always dose? and one more thing...
(*spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert*)
...wesker is the reason that there all stuck there because the stars encounter with the zombies is all a expariment on how well the T-Virus works against "Flesh n' Blood Combatents" (i learned this from U.C.)

Leo-and-Pals responds:

Haha, if anything the animation deviates from the game an over load. I decided to change a little too many facts to have the characters split into 'Groups' sort of. Chris with Jill, Brad with Barry. Then it shifted around now and then. I only took a couple of scenarios from the game, that's about as much relevance from the time line that you'll see.

meh it was ok

it was good at the begining but then it got a little stupid.
still good though

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2008
9:51 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody