Resident Evil SARS Part 2

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EDIT> Far out, I was just gunning for front page again, but I didn't imagine a trophy! Thanks to all who voted postive ^.^

EDIT> Okay NOW I think I have it sussed. Wish someone could have told me browser animations dropped 6 fps.

You'll probably want to watch Part 1 before watching this; obviously...the link is...somewhere.

Sorry for the long load, I ended up cramming a lot into this animation, the extended 10mg upload helped that happen too thankfully

Hope you enjoy it anyway, my drawing and animating skills have definitely improved along with lip synching as well, so it shouldn't blind anyone this time.


Wesker is under the lampshade!

Just one question though. What were those wierd blue cylinders that showed up when Rebecca and Barry were talking?

Leo-and-Pals responds:

Oh, they were glasses (Cups), the ones you drink out of. When it came to some of those lines they were pretty low quality (The sound, not the acting) and comparing it to a character they were speaking with it didn't really fit, so I decided to throw a glass (Cup) in there to make it seem like they were speaking into a glass (Cup). I guess I didn't really make it that obvious...it might have been a bit too blue, but I didn't want to turn down excellent voice acting because the sound quality was bad; so I decided to work around it ^.^


it wasnt that good. i giggled a bit, but the music at one point was waaaay to loud and i couldnt hear the people talking. Mouths barely went with the voices. Jokes were stale. Raccoon was stupid...just as it was stupid in the first one. I mean it wasnt the greatest, buuuut it wasnt the worst i've ever seen. It was alright.

really good!

Just didn't like the lip-sync problem is all. :/
I liked how it just went from seriousness to "we should play hide-and-seek" :D

It was great!

I bloody LOVED it, I laughed out loud at every turn, but I would say that you would have to be an experienced resi evil fan to know some of these jokes. Other than the lip-sync problem, I think you're good to go!
creativity; 8/10
technical stuff;8/10

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Leo-and-Pals responds:

Yeah, that was where I knew it was going to drop was at the jokes directed straight at scenarios from the game. I'll make sure to put more completely random jokes in Part 3.

the best

that was good the best so far

ps. do not whate 2 years

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Apr 9, 2008
9:51 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody