Resident Evil SARS Part 2

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EDIT> Far out, I was just gunning for front page again, but I didn't imagine a trophy! Thanks to all who voted postive ^.^

EDIT> Okay NOW I think I have it sussed. Wish someone could have told me browser animations dropped 6 fps.

You'll probably want to watch Part 1 before watching this; obviously...the link is...somewhere.

Sorry for the long load, I ended up cramming a lot into this animation, the extended 10mg upload helped that happen too thankfully

Hope you enjoy it anyway, my drawing and animating skills have definitely improved along with lip synching as well, so it shouldn't blind anyone this time.


Lol hehehe...



You could have made Jill a bit hotter (im a Jill fan) and for a second there, I thought Jill was gonna git raeped by the giant snake... lol

4.6 / 5, so I might as well give you a five... Keep up the good work and give yourself a pat in the back =D

erm pretty good.

it was alright. still needs lots of improvement and it seemed to come of track of the plot of the last one. but still pretty good.

Leo-and-Pals responds:

Which is interesting because reviews in Part 1 said there were no plot elements at all =D
Still. Glad you enjoyed some of it. Tanks for watching.

funny shit

no really it was shit....but in a good shit way. also, thats an impressive cast list

Leo-and-Pals responds:

I reckon. Ultimo Awesome that I managed to get so many voice actors for it in the first place. Thanks for watching!

nice but

a week isnt 2 years xD

I like KFC

ummm, u don't seem like a RRREEEEEAAALLLLL RE fan, just sum 1 who liked RE4 and said," Hey, i wonder if the ENTIRE series is as cool as four???"

Whats that glass thing that appears over Barry's and Rebecca's Mouthes?

Get sum real humor, the only two things u used for actual RE parody humor were Jill and the Yawn and the 'Hide and seek' that u see when u play the REmake for gamecube with chris.

Leo-and-Pals responds:

In my eyes, Resident Evil 3 shits all over Resident Evil 4.

But I'm trying to work out who the real RE fan is here. See, you seemed to miss the parody of Jill coming across Barry talking to Wesker behind a closed door, and that of Chris hearing Rebecca in the room above him and running to rescue her.

Epic Fail, on your behalf ;)

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2008
9:51 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody