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Resident Evil SARS Part 2

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EDIT> Far out, I was just gunning for front page again, but I didn't imagine a trophy! Thanks to all who voted postive ^.^

EDIT> Okay NOW I think I have it sussed. Wish someone could have told me browser animations dropped 6 fps.

You'll probably want to watch Part 1 before watching this; obviously...the link is...somewhere.

Sorry for the long load, I ended up cramming a lot into this animation, the extended 10mg upload helped that happen too thankfully

Hope you enjoy it anyway, my drawing and animating skills have definitely improved along with lip synching as well, so it shouldn't blind anyone this time.



When Wesker giggled with Jill that made me laugh. The rest of the movie was chuckles. I have to agree that your lip syncing skills have improved. The animation was nice and smooth and the sound acting was perfect. Overall this was a very good movie.

liked the art

but the writing..., yawn.
also, the lipsync was comparable to a 70's kung fu flick.

really boring...

just flat out boring. plus the lip sync is crap too. find out next week? no thanks.


Hey, the episode was funny, it's just the lipsyncing was way off at points, and I have no idea what the blue tube around certain peoples mouths were. Some parts really should have been fixed up animation wise. And there were lagging point in the movie. Overall, you've got the right hilarity and jokes across, but it'd be best if the animation was smoother and the sounds were syncronized. Also, for some constructive criticism, perhaps add some background music maybe and when doing vocal parts make sure they fade in and out quickly rather than stop abruptly.
This review has been rated GFTPWRIBTAOTRRHNIHHMAFRIB
Good For The Person Who Reads It But The Author Of The Review Really Has No Idea How Hard Making A Flash Really Is BLARG

Needs more shine

it was pretty funny but the mouth animation needs to be fixed, jokes could be a bit better

good work

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2008
9:51 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody