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Take1 : WHMS

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Author Comments

The unholy dress-down child of katamari damacy / eledees and mindless clicking keep up juggling flash games. If this doesn't break your mouse button, nothing will.

HINT: start with the mimes teeth :)

Nobody reads this, even fewer people understand but there is an MP3 player in the top right of the screen if you want some music.

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Awesome game I came in 2nd!!

But this is great !

But next the chatbox congratulations with this !


this game was cool and maybe not too hard but sorta easy

Strangely Fun

Trippy, Unsettling, Entertaining and Strangely Addictive. I hope there will be more to come!


That was prety good but when I started I had no idea what to do and the author commentsmade no sense to me apart from the mp3 player bit. Weird idea having to pull apart thepicture then juggle it but it was only till there was basically nothing left that I realised you had to try and keep the pieces up.