Tainted Kingdom

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Instructions are in the game. Game saves automatically.


Hey guys, after several months of production we present you 'Tainted Kingdom!' This strategy game includes 10 missions, a fully animated and voiced storyline by Will Arbuckle and Andrew Dennis, and epic original music by David Orr.

If you want to give constructive criticism please label your comments with either "COMPLAINT", "SUGGESTION" or "BUG." It helps me sort it out faster. We DO read all comments and try to respond to as many as possible!

Please enjoy the game!
<3 Krin



1: Knights
2: Hunters
3: Priests
4: Crusaders
5: Royal Guards
6: Hero Unit
7: Healing Blast
8: Defense Tower



*Swift Victory: Complete Mission within the days specified.
*Master of Tactics: Complete Mission without using a hero.
*Deadly Commander: Earn both 'Swift Victory' and 'Master Tactician' at the same time.



This game is good... but not too good, this is my kinda game but i often get bored once i am about half way through it.


The gameplay was pretty complex for me at first because I wasn't sure how the system worked until I fiddled around with it on the 2nd level a few times. Upgrades were a must in this game because I could of sent my best unit, and even the regular melee knight, fully upgraded, could kill my unit. A problem I felt the Royal Guards had were that they were only most effective against Crusaders. Sure, they're MEANT to be efficient against Crusaders specifically, but I thought they'd do more damage to the other units, like the knight or priest. Sure, when I sent my Royal Guard against a knight, my Royal Guard won, but the margin that I was hoping the Royal Guard would win by wasn't much. In the end, Crusaders were the top choice of units to use in this game. Fast, powerful, and able to take on ANY unit, unless if it was a royal guard (and even then, sometimes my Crusaders would beat Royal Guards). One suggestion I probably have for this game is bosses. There wasn't a single mission that had anything boss-related happen in it. I know that it would be pretty hard to implement a scenario for a boss fight because usually a hero would take on the boss, but deadly commander would be impossible. Not too sure how to implement that.

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not that great

i really didnt enjoy this game, as soon as i started i had no idea what to do, i mean all i did was spam out useless crap.

there really wasnt any tutorial, and i couldnt understand this for the life of me, i spent the first 30 minutes trying to understand it then i just gave up

Just not right...

It's just not intuitive enough. I'm a fucking gamer. I beat shit. Handily.

Why was I not able to get the challenge in the second mission on my first try? Why did I run out of units and resources?

First couple levels are not a "tutorial"... they are what you would call a "crash course". A tutorial would give you basics to strategy... not tell you things like, "Healing blast heals your units"... when hovering over it tells me the same damn thing. I'm sitting here... looking at my units. I got 15 of each. Ranged Rush? Ranged Infantry? Which do I send first? I don't know... because the "tutorial" didn't even give me the slightest inkling...

I find tangible challenges to be fun. Not guessing and checking. I'm just really frustrated by this game.

I'm not even going to TOUCH the way in which you toss the user into the resource/building interface... that was just an epic failure on your tutorial's part.

So yeah it made me frustrated and cranky, and yeah I ranted about it. So here's the constructive criticism:

Explain to users the advantages/disadvantages, logistically speaking, of the different unit types. Tell me BEFORE I have had an opportunity to "waste" my hero that I only get one shot with him. This, 1 hint per battle thing seems to be designed for half-retarded kindergartners who need loads of ritalin to absorb anything. The first 5 "hints" could have been consolidated into one freaking screen. I realize that you were going for some baby-steps tutorial thing, but it's not cool for people who don't want to have to replay a level to get an achievement/whatever because they didn't realize til like 3 levels later wtf to do right on the first level.

Overall, I was just very frustrated by the "wtf do I do?" that kept running through my head. I still gave it 8 out of 10 though, because I think without that problem, I might have found this immensely enjoyable. KIND OF good job :P

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You have the best games on newgrounds in my opinion. Sonny, Sonny 2, and this work of art. Excellent games, I'm waiting for Sonny 3 and now, hopefully Tainted Kingdom 2. Just astounding, I love em, 5/5 10/10

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Apr 7, 2008
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