Tainted Kingdom

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Instructions are in the game. Game saves automatically.


Hey guys, after several months of production we present you 'Tainted Kingdom!' This strategy game includes 10 missions, a fully animated and voiced storyline by Will Arbuckle and Andrew Dennis, and epic original music by David Orr.

If you want to give constructive criticism please label your comments with either "COMPLAINT", "SUGGESTION" or "BUG." It helps me sort it out faster. We DO read all comments and try to respond to as many as possible!

Please enjoy the game!
<3 Krin



1: Knights
2: Hunters
3: Priests
4: Crusaders
5: Royal Guards
6: Hero Unit
7: Healing Blast
8: Defense Tower



*Swift Victory: Complete Mission within the days specified.
*Master of Tactics: Complete Mission without using a hero.
*Deadly Commander: Earn both 'Swift Victory' and 'Master Tactician' at the same time.


Good gameplay, Steep Learning Curve, Horrible end.

Keep in mind that you just need to reduce the HP of your opponent's base to win the battle and avoid a loss or stalemate. No need to kill everything it throws at you.

If your opponent's base only has 3 hitpoints just deploy a fast crusader on the bottom, a knight on the top, and a hunter in the center field for the quick win.

If he's got higher HP then you have to strategize a little. Consider letting all or enough of his troops past your lines (not enough to beat you of course), then once there's no opposition left send in your troops to take an easy win. Also note that hunters are strong against units that are slow and far away (i.e. Royal Guard) and Crusaders will annihilate range units (though its best to wait for them to get just close enough to your lines before sending in the Crusader).

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Realy good,too hard

Read title


really it was all spammy and it was too confusing and u suck at spelling

Good work

Nice work making the game, it has a great storyline. The game mode is cool but could you add a little more terrain like a mountain or a bunch of trees in the fight mode? otherwise it looks great.

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i think you should look in a dicctionary the word tutorial

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4.24 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2008
7:11 PM EDT
Strategy - Other
  • Daily Feature April 8, 2008