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Double Dragon X

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VENOM:- "Double Dragon Forever!"

*UPDATE* 07/04/08 ..... firstly i wanna thank each and every one who supported my resurrection of the DOUBLE DRAGON. i understand that alot of reviews had personal issues with my song of choice. through my eyes as a youth growing up, i was very attached to the Dragons and saw them as heros. which i think alot of Double Dragon fans would agree. many of us werent happy with the result of the adapted film and cartoon series. since then it would feel as if the legacy of the DOUBLE DRAGON was fading. i also share passion for music. the HALO opening theme was a MIGHTY track that I thought would idolize the Dragons and give them the ultimate rebirth in my flash. and so, i dont regret using it. i welcome all constructive criticism as i accept the fact that i will always have space for improvement.

Thankx ONE, thankx ALL.



Nice fighting animation realy good job.
Good grafic alltough you need to sharpen your drawing
some seem abit off.

and one more thing which i reduced a point for.
please make the woman less buffed I mean you over did
with the muschels she looks like the she hulk maybe you need
to work abit on womans body, keep that in mind if you want 10/10 next time.


Really good action and creativity. but I think you added in three or four extra muscles to the human arm. As for the music choice It was perfect for the scene.

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Very Nice.

A very well put together flash. Excellant work in my opinion.

woo nice

used to love the game and cartoon when i was a kid. awesome action and animation. the characters actually looked good when running which not many people can do!

pretty good

i look forward to seein more from u

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4.19 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2008
12:54 AM EDT