Double Dragon X

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VENOM:- "Double Dragon Forever!"

*UPDATE* 07/04/08 ..... firstly i wanna thank each and every one who supported my resurrection of the DOUBLE DRAGON. i understand that alot of reviews had personal issues with my song of choice. through my eyes as a youth growing up, i was very attached to the Dragons and saw them as heros. which i think alot of Double Dragon fans would agree. many of us werent happy with the result of the adapted film and cartoon series. since then it would feel as if the legacy of the DOUBLE DRAGON was fading. i also share passion for music. the HALO opening theme was a MIGHTY track that I thought would idolize the Dragons and give them the ultimate rebirth in my flash. and so, i dont regret using it. i welcome all constructive criticism as i accept the fact that i will always have space for improvement.

Thankx ONE, thankx ALL.

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the music is awesome like a halo double dragon crossover lol I enjoyed the music:) I am not a fan of halo, actually never played it but double dragon was the shiznit when I was growing up ) I am an old school gamer)

Yeah having halo music in a double dragon flash is a terrible idea and completely ruined it, nice animation but no voice work or anything just blaring halo music that doesn't fit at all. Plus whats with the anime style fighting, it's supposed to be a street brawl style game not an anime game.

Was gonna give ya 10. But Halo music? Come on now.

Really good fight scenes. Obviously you're a talented animator. Maybe the characters could use a little work. IMO. I'm just saying though. All around damn good job. But the Halo music was a huge let down. I read your update and all that about why you used it but I have to disagree. Nothing you can say would make me understand why you used the Halo theme. Anyways, good work. Peace.

this is the shit.

cool story bro.

A awesome tribute

This has to be one of the most deep tributes to the classic beat 'em ups I've seen. Double Dragon is/was and forever shall be a classic! Good job Venom!

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4.49 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2008
12:54 AM EDT