Color Cube - o fortuna

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the song is "O Fortuna"
a classical song.

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I will always be a fan of this music.
BUT I think you couldv'e done more with the animation itself.
Oooh is that a wolf I spy?

(no comment available)

I would have ranked it higher if you used the full instrumental piece because that was the only redeeming aspect of this submission.

A good sountrack doesn't turn shit into gold

O Fortuna is a great piece of music but this is not a great piece of art to go with it. 2 stars for the audio, at very minimum.

If you read this, work on your art a little bit. It looks tablet drawn- if so, try to have a steadier hand and utilize cut and paste a little bit more to stop the wavy look. I know that the Super Flash Bros do it in "Another Day", if you've seen that, but it gives one a headache to watch.

Perhaps also a more interesting subject than a bunch of platonic solids fighting (actually, just 2 cubes- if it were many individuals of all 5 types of platonic solids it at least might be slightly more visually interesting) might fit the music better and make it a much better movie.

Still, you have at least a little talent in drawing so you're not hopeless. Try again and do better!

-Duckie (sorry for ginormous review but I like to be thorough and say what I'm thinking instead of 'lol try again dude' or 'taht w as teh awesum')

papercuts42 responds:

they arnt really 'fighting' per se, i never intended an actuall fight to occur, it is just that the 2 colors collide, so they have issues with eachother. im thinking of making the ending contain a scene where they "collaborate".
and thank you for a insightful review.
i cant improve without criticism.
plus, it gives me something to read!
and you are right, i am using a tablet, but the shaky ness is on purpose. i am cleaning it up as i type...(figuratively)


I think I kind of liked that.
Cube fight.

I don't get it

It's not that it sucks, but it'd be nie to see a bit more of a plot in this.

papercuts42 responds:

i do intend to add more interaction with the cubes on the table.

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2.00 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2008
8:14 PM EDT
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