Stick Figure Destruction

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Flashworld Studios Presentz: The Stick Figure

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ehh its ok i guess

its extremely short, but the animation was fine. and there was some blood so this should be rated teen

Cool something non-spam!

Animation was alright and so was the fighting and sounds.
Also I liked it ,but I don't know why you made one stick man dissappear in the end.
That was my favourite part fer sum reezun.
It was pretty short though, so you don't get a very good grade. =' (

Orangebeef responds:

this movie isnt close to being finished and I made it 2 years ago

rating - 6

It does have some good motion graphics, and I think it's pretty cool, but I'll give you some more little 'edits' if you need them:

-Make it a little longer, people like things that can take up some of their time.
-Make it have a purpose, not just random killing, or you'll lose ppl :)
-If you'd like, and if your capable, make a game out of it! I'd love to play a game like that! Take some tutorials, add some of your own, ask some good game designers, do whatever you want.

--SchoolPark reviews

Orangebeef responds:

thanks for the constructive criticism schoolpark

There is something here

The animation is ok
The sound is good
Actually has a little substance

The cheesy stick men didn't move
Compared to other arena fighting movie, this was way way too short
What happened to the hero in the end?


its cool but never ends

Credits & Info

0.72 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2008
7:59 PM EDT
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