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This is the offical teaser trailer for the upcoming Flash Game, "Super Smash Flash 2," the sequel to the famous "Super Smash Flash" game created by Cleod-9. Note that this Trailer does NOT feature any actual gameplay, only a Dramatization of Actual Gameplay. Also, I do NOT know when SSF2 is coming out. I can't give you any dates, because Cleod9 hasn't given out any.

Link to Cleod-9's site: http://mcleodgaming.com/

Link to the SSF2 Demo: http://www.mcleodgaming.c om/?page=demos

Link to the original Super Smash Flash: http://mcleodgaming.com/?

Link ot the offical SSF2 DOJO!: http://smashflashcentral.

I don't know why, but it seems to go slow as hell on this site. It goes a little bit faster here:
http://mcleodgaming.com/i ndex.php?page=fan

*EDIT 2*
Thanks for all the comments guys! I just have a few things that I need to clarify.

All the characters that appeared in the Teaser WILL be appearing in SSF2. However, there are MORE CHARACTERS in the SSF2 game than I showed in the trailer. I just cover the basic ones. Who are they? I can't tell you yet. The rest will be a surprsie.

And yes, SSF2 is better than SSF. SSF2 is so good, it makes SSF1 look like crap.



awesome...btw wher did you get the custom smw mario sprites??

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NintendoFlash responds:

They were created by users from Mcleodgaming.


the video is missing yoshi anyway great job good luck updating

Too much anime!

I have nothing against anime, and I think that it is pretty cool, but to begin with, it is supposed to be video game characters, not anime characters. Other than that, it looks good, and, who knows, the anime characters might be pretty fun to play as. Well, good luck!

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i cant wait to play this!, and Omochao tails isint a nintendo character you noob! tails and sonc is registered bySEGA.


This trailer's sprites are outdated, but what do I care?
Any way, the link in "gh3legend"'s message contains a lot of spoilers for this game.
And, NF, SSF2 DOES rule, but you are wrong with one thing...SSF2 does't make SSF look like crap, it does that itself.(although, I do appreciate how much effort Cleod put into the first SSF)

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